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It doesn't have to be straight behind, it could be at an angle, but I think the direction of the shot should be a focus.  I think people are just as interested in the view of the shot as well as seeing the person hitting the ball.  This is just meant as advice from a viewer, no offense intended.
That's true, but we don't have the context of what you're hitting at when you do a side view.
Iacas I love the vlogs.  Imo do more views from behind so we have an idea of where the ball is going, just throwing the idea out there.
I hit my 56 about 100 yds and 60 about 80 yds.
Youtube shanks, I found the video by Hank Haney to be quite helpful, as well as other videos.
Yesterday I played the front nine horrendously, lost about 8 balls.  Confidence was very low.  Then on nine I made a couple adjustments (that I should have made earlier), hit some good shots, and got some confidence back.  Played much better on the back nine... until I blew up on 16 and 17.  lol
Yesterday I played terribly again but on our last hole (hole 9, we played the back nine first), I played it beautifully. It is about a 550 yard par 5. I crushed my drive 322 yards an ha 250 going in. Obviously I hit 3 wood and crushed it into the green, about 15 yards from the pin. Two putted for bird. I think it's the first time I've ever gotten it on in two, usually I don't hit it that well. Felt good.
If one of my buddies or I hit a bad shot, I say "get in the hole!" or "be the club!" or something like that.  Usually gets a chuckle 
Just give it to him as an early birthday present or something. He's a friend. Unless you need the money
A 90 footer? Niiiice!
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