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Thanks, some great help here I will try this on my next round, especially playing the percentages as i do tend to be risky sometimes, hopefully this will help me improve my game Thank you very much :D
I think you're right, the blow up holes are my problem, i hit quite a lot of fairways because i don't really use my driver (only on long par 5's with wide fairways), i tend to play for position with either my 3 wood or an iron off the tee looking at my last card I play consistently throughout with a few bad holes with a 7 or 8 thrown in there, i could do with sorting these out, i'm not bad around the greens but i think i might start to work on shots from around 70 - 95...
Hi, I'm 20 years old and golf runs in the family so i get to play a lot, however my dad and older brother are still better than me :( To solve this, about 8 months ago i started practicing more which helped me get my handicap of 15 down to 11 and instead of posting inconsistent scores I am much more consistent playing to my handicap or around abouts with scores of around 82 - 86 and much less often having awful rounds However, all parts of my games seem to be just...
I went to the range and was still slicing a bit but realized it was me, I could feel my self cutting across the ball and was even doing if with my three wood I also hit it perfectly straight with a three quarter swing Not sure how to fix it though :-/
I am a student, off to university later this year with a nice golf course/ driving range just a mile away
Thanks, i'll be down the range tomorrow then :D
how would I fix this, would it just naturally come while playing? and no bar the odd bad swing i generally hit my woods and driver straight
Hi, I had an old set of taylormade firesole irons, these were okay but they were old technology and weren't very consistent while also unforgiving for non-perfect swings, they had a bubble shaft too. I have recently purchased taylormade burner 1.0 irons and although they feel okay I keep slicing them, it can't be my swing as i didn't slice my last ones, and i don't slice my driver or woods, the new shafts are steel "uni flex" i've used them a few times so is it just a...
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