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Hells Point is a place I enjoy playing. Though it has been a while.
We were 4 or 5 over. Our handicaps ranged from 18-25, but the handicaps were not used. We had a great time, and I still have the trophy. Shortest drive, closest to the tee, possibly.
My team won the "Tail End" trophy for coming in last. But we won the best prizes, green fees, and a dozen Pro V balls for each member of the foursome. First Place winners received a trophy only. 
I agree with sg92. Patrick Reed made a comment in the heat of the moment, and then we spend days talking about what he said. Why do you need a PR person, just someone else to have their hand in your pocket. If his sponsors think he was over the line they will take care of him. Right now I would say Reed's sponsors are very happy since their golfer is the being talked about on so many forums.For those who are so critical, did you never dream that you sank the putt to win a...
Whispering Pines on Harrelson Blvd, near the airport is also a good course. Their rates were $39 morning, $35 afterenoon, & $29 twilight. It is one of my favorites. The used to allow walking if that is important. Pretty open and has a nice driving range. This golf course is owned by the City of Myrtle Beach, and was the old Air Force base course.
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