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I have the amp cells and they are all around good clubs. But like so many have said. Getting fit helped me shave off at least 3-4 strokes
First round with the sldr s driver. Had a 350 yard drive on hole 10. Yes it was down wind with about a two club wind. (Lasered from ball back to the group on the tee)
Still rock yellow z star xv. Have a mix of old and new. Still not sure which I like more
1. Louis ck 2.bill burr 3.russell peters 4.george carlin 5. K hart 6. Dave Chappell 7. John caparulo
Nike covert x stiff driver along with a pre order for a vokey sm5 60.07 s grind and three dozen lethals. This will be my first season where I will not purchase any clubs!
agreed. Just finished the first season, a nice change up from the usual. It's funny and interesting
Loved the chrome + but at 40$ a box, too expensive. Use to love srixOn z star xv but just switched to tmade lethal. On sale for 30$ just picked up 4 dozen. Should last me a couple rounds😁
The only times I ever noticed my carry was once two years ago at a good course it was a short par 4 276 yards and I carried it to the front of the green. Whether their yardage was right I don't know but I would say it was close as it's a reputable course. And the other time was this year it said 301 to carry a creek across the fairway. I would say it was maybe 20 yards downhill and I carried it by maybe 10 yards. Swung my hardest and hit the best drive of my life.
. No such thing as a no buy clubs year 🙈
Check that. Just ordered a vokey sm5 60.07 s grind gold nickel! Sorta freaked.. Never spent that much on a wedge
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