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Curious how many of you are Professionals? Top ranking AM's with 3 handicaps? Just getting a sense to those who have chance to help most of us.   Thanks!  
  MVMAC, It ain't there long, but while it's there something happens! 
lol, the forearms rotating through the hitting zone of a golf shot!
Thanks, I got it!   Jake
Found site for hand action through impact I told ya about in last post. I watched and it was like what you talked about with palm, maybe a little better cause I saw it in the slow motion of the guys hands. This players palm gets square and keeps goin! I googled both guys names and they are pretty good.   Slow motion one   http://markegly.com/news/20   a couple good free tips in this one about the arms, stuff I changed this...
works for me when it's calm out, can't figure out when wind gets over 10 miles an hour.
I,ve barely broken 90 myself for awhile because my arms were not working together. I can't afford lessons but I found a pro online that I've been working on his stuff this last week or two and he makes a lot of sense. I can't afford lessons right now so his online stuff fits my budget, free. I broke 85 today because I didn't lose it much right at all all day today and I hit it a lot harder. Hit a ball in the water long and left for the first time in ages. Check out this...
Sounds good. I saw a video on a site today that kinda talked about both hands doing something. Helped me today when I practiced. I'll get home and send the link. I think I saved it.
We'll look for you! Women and purging! Everything but their shoes!
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