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i wouldn't pay 50 for it.
get out and play, often
i went to Edwin Watts and actually came away with nothing for the first time in awhile. but, i am looking at replacing my trusty 1998 Orlimar Trimetal 17 degree fairway wood. just don't know with what.
what website?  
I have the Adicross II. Most comfortable golf shoe I've worn.
maybe part of golf's decline is how boring the clothing looks these days. way back in the 70s, even professional golfers occasionally wore red, blue, plaid, etc golf gloves. the last time i had a red glove i bought it around 2000. it was a spyder or spider. it was actually the best, most durable glove i have ever worn. i wish i 10 more of them.   i for one applaud the Ricky Fowlers of the world trying to change the image of golf. the game wasn't always about some...
  now, granted i've only recently jumped back into the game. but, i grew up playing my dad's Hogan Apex forged irons. then i went to some crappy GI irons and then onto Cobra SSI oversized. i realized i was hitting a bit farther but was way more erratic. i'm now playing AP2s and love them. not only do they provide me with feedback i was missing, more importantly they have very little offset which really messes up my swing. try the AP2s and the AP1s.
i hit all of the Mizunos, the AP2 712s, the Callaway XForged, the Ping Ansers, and the Adams forged.   My favorite was MP 64 followed by the AP2s. The Ansers were wildly overpriced though the ball really shot off the club face. I was going to get the MP64s, but I was killing time at Edwin Watts. In the used rack was a set of AP2s, that i swear only the pitching wedge had ever been hit. I ended up making a deal i couldn't pass up for them. To me, both are great...
there is no point in getting clubs like that re-shafted. 
hey guys, this thread is exactly what i am looking for. i am getting back into the game after a long lay off. i have never hit my driver well. while, i have a 17 degree fairway wood that i can consistently hit long and into play. i picked up a diablo octane for super cheap. but, i am all over the face of the club with my strikes. i was watching a the golf channel the other day and they showed in super slow hd what happens when you hit square and off center on your...
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