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Thanks for all the advice
Ok as far as putters go that's the only one I have down. I have a putter my late cousin bought at a garage sale. Is it the best? Absolutely not, but it has a lot of value and good memories for me.
http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/spo/3730547807.html   Are these a good deal for example?
I have been looking on craigslist as well as ebay but I really have no idea what a good deal is even when I see it.
I enjoy golfing with my co-workers the last few summers I have been borrowing clubs. I would like to start piecing together a set for myself. I was thinking of buying good used clubs. What clubs should I start with I do not need a complete set yet. Also what specific clubs would you look at for a novice. I do not know much about golf except that I enjoy getting out and doing it and would enjoy it even more if I was competitive.
New Posts  All Forums: