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Driver off the tee, lay up at the 100 yard marker, good smooth gw into the green. You can also go for it with a good 3 wood and play it long so as long as you clear the water the worst you will do is end up in the bunker and that has never been an issue for me.
I would love to hear from anyone who was fitted/ recommended for the 65 speeder over the 57. The Taylor made website shows the exact same specs for both shafts in stiff flex. Both weigh 58 grams, both have 3.4 torque, and both are considered mid launch shafts
I'm sure what I hit at the store was the 460 with the 57 gram shaft. The Taylor made preowned sit is what is showing a 65 gram speeder shaft as an option. I just didn't know if I would be able to tell the difference or benefits
Looking at pulling the trigger on a sldr driver. Hit 1 into a net at the golf shop earlier this week and it was nice. Launch monitor showed really good numbers but idk how much faith I have in it. Also I'm seeing 2 different shaft options a 57 gram and 65 gram. Any opinions or major differences between the 2?
Being a poor golfer myself and playing with a lot of single digit handicaps I have found that the best way to play with a group that is much better than you is to tee off on the same tee box as them. But pick up your ball at double bogey. This will keep you at the same pace as them and they seem to appreciate it but it also doesn't remove you from the group or make them wait on you a lot. Just my experience
I currently have a r11s 4 wood that I absolutely love. Off the deck I get about 200 yards with it and off the tee its about 230. My driver is a ping g10 9° and it usually goes about 240. The only problem is i tend to be very wild with my driver. Hitting very few fairways and not seeing much of a distance gap between the 2. I love my 4 wood the weight and all just feels right and I usually hit the fairways 3 out of 4 times off the tee. So just wondering what y'all think...
I got to pick from whatever day I chose and I picked sunday. Other days are more fun but let's be honest Sunday is when history is made. It was a hard choice between Thursday and Sunday just because of the honorary tee off. But practice days would be fun if you are really into the players and coaches and caddies and stuff
Another question for people who have been. How much traffic should I expect? Should I add an extra 30 min to an hour for driving in? We are staying in a friends guest house about an hour away and plan to get up early and finish the drive
I would really have loved to see the honorary tee off and it was a tough decision to choose Sunday over Thursday but let's be honest Sunday is when history happens.
10. Lastly, visit Rhineharts Oyster Bar, just down the road. Gets packed, rough and ready, but the beer is cold, fries are hot and the seafood is spot-on. This is a place I will definitely check out! Me and my dad are going and this is right up both of our alleys! Thanks for some ideas! I am definitely going to be watching some of the around the green play to see if I can't pick up a few techniques.
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