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Tommy gainey. Just so I could scam people of their money 😄. But in all seriousness I would take Ernie's. So smooth and effortless
I totally agree. If you want cheaper stuff just find some clubs from the reputable brands from years past
Interesting to see what you think and find out about trying different clubs. I fall almost exactly into your same numbers except I'm a little longer (150 smooth 8iron) I tried some mizzys and loved them but didn't get to try titleist ping or cobras. Love to hear what you thonk
Amen. God damn winnipeg
Got a box of the platinum. Really looking foward to trying them
Sweep with a fairway unless your Sergio then you can dig holes
I would say just know your surroundings If your at a par 3 course that's not great wear whatever you want but if you're at a nice course dress like a golfer with good fit clothes and no cargo shorts If the course Is not busy then you can take your time more and play an extra ball but when it's busy 1 or 2 practise swings a couple wagles and just hot the ball Don't do anything to make the course uglier like buts of cigs on the fairways or emptys. Throw your garbage in the cans
There was no tape on the red one I was doing exactly what the videos said to do. But good news after putting it on and being very lose. After an hour or two it shrunk back down to size and is fine now!
Ok so I got my stuff. My pure pro went on great and I like it but my dtx almost blew up while putting but on and now it's wrecked happen to anyone else?
I use to have it and I would always swing with one hand cause if I did a normal swing I would always go left. In real life I have maybe went left 5 times in my life
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