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Agree. If you get blades they will piss you off when learning because you won't obviously be the best ball striker and make you want to quit. That's what happened to one of my buddies
Like iv said before. If you can get past some bad acting by certain characters you will be in for a great show!
Ya i have hit a pw close to 170 before but that was down hill down wind swinging all out. But unlike others I don't say that's my pw distance it's more on the lines of maybe 125-130
I thought they were alright if you don't compare them to lotr which is hard not to. I find they try to be too funny
Agree right here
Tommy gainey. Just so I could scam people of their money 😄. But in all seriousness I would take Ernie's. So smooth and effortless
I totally agree. If you want cheaper stuff just find some clubs from the reputable brands from years past
Interesting to see what you think and find out about trying different clubs. I fall almost exactly into your same numbers except I'm a little longer (150 smooth 8iron) I tried some mizzys and loved them but didn't get to try titleist ping or cobras. Love to hear what you thonk
Amen. God damn winnipeg
Got a box of the platinum. Really looking foward to trying them
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