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Almost pulled the trigger on selling my amp cells and buying these but held off. Will this winter
Personally I don't see all the hype behind them. Especially for the price. To me lethals or chrome + react the same for cheaper. But that being said I gave dad a new pro v1x that I had to use last round and hit played the best he has in the past 3 or 4 years.
How are they on off center hits. I'm a solid ball striker buty miss is hitting thin. I don't get out to try clubs that often
Am sorta looking into possibly buying these bad boys. Wondering if any of you game these? If so what you think of em
I don't own them but have hit the apex pros a couple different time and all I can say are they are amazing
I'm thinking of going to s55 from amp cells. You're convincing me that it will bring more excitement to the game.
Ya pretty much the same old. But hey it's still great.
I have a sleeve in the bag as a my back up balls for the rounds I'm not doing smoothly on. I tried it my first round of the year on two holes and very impressed with them. Honestly feels a lot like your caliber balls
You know what. I think you just have to make everything more affordable. I have friends who quit playing because they are put off by paying 50 bucks
Ok I watch a lot of stand up. Here's my thoughts and go to guys 1. Bill burr 2.george carlin 3. Louis ck 4. Rus peters 5. John caparulo Others: k hart, aziz, Norton
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