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I have the reflex irons. Got them as gift fir Father's Day to replace my t zoids. They set very good and would recommend them. Can work ball both ways and a good 2 clubs longer than my olds clubs.
Sounds good.
Are you central indy.? I live in greenfield , bout 20 mins away. Good luck
My irons are from 1997. Mizuno t zoid pros
Metal X #7 Mizuno mp600
I play yellow balls for the same reason.
If you still lose a lot of balls ( like me) go cheap as you can. I play top flight and reclaimed balls at the moment. When I get better, I can treat myself
One thing about always hitting on the heel is.... At least we are Consistent. Five shots ,all by the heel.. The mark by the toe is from me dragging balls to hit
My t zoid pros are my gamers. Then look on people's faces when I flush one is great. Mixed in a few hybrids but the 3i is my favorite club.
I use the long Tom 2 wood as my driver and also use a titleist 975 d. Love them. Can't hit the 460cc , not my thing.
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