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Dad-in-law drove down today, so we decided to hit a 9 hole course for a while. Got through 13 holes in 3 and a half hours...and would of went faster if he'd stop looking 15 or 20 minutes for a lost ball. I shot 57 (+21) on the first 9, dad-in-law shot 54. We didn't keep track on the rest of it, took some time to work on my game a little bit. It was an enjoyable time.
Here is the opening hold of the course I played today.  
Played 18 at a 9 hole course I haven't been to before. Played the second shortest sets of tees (33.1/114) both times, yardage was 2616. First 9 I shot a 49 (+13) and second 9 was a 51 (+15). It's not a fantastic score, but I'm happy with it being that I'm usually 20 over.   Drives weren't too bad, which surprised me since that's usually where I have the most trouble. My short game wasn't good...I ended up with several 3 putts. My pitching also needs a lot of work. I...
First round out on my own after really practicing my swing for a month. 55 on a nine hole par 35 course. Played off the short tees which made the course 2382 yards. I found that I need to work on my putting and pitch/chip shots.
Hi all!   Name here is Brody, from a little outside Wichita, KS. I've played off and on for the last 4 years (and pretty well sucked at it) with my brother-in-law and dad-in-law, but it wasn't until about a month ago when we added another brother-in-law (who also golfs) to the family that I really started practicing. Went out today and played my first round on my own and shot a 55 on a nine-hole par 35 course. Not a good score, at all, but now I know where I need to...
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