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  I was thinking the same thing
I have the R11s and my loft is at the lowest setting with I think is 7.5* I still hit it higher then guys I play with, that have higher loft drivers.
I decided to buy new clubs this year and compared the AP2's to the MP59's and I love the 59's the feel was just way better in my opinion and for me. I have to assume the 64's have to be just as nice.
  Went with the Mizuno's I was looking at. Went 50, 54 and 58.   Thanks for the tips guys.   Regarding the PW being "hotter" I think all my clubs go the appropriate distance for my swing speeds.
  I hit my PW about 140yds and my 52* goes maybe 115yds so that is a large gap.  So if I switch to a 50* can gain 10yds over the 52* now I have a much smaller gap.
So if I find some wedges that feel great and I like but the bounce is on the lower end what are your thoughts? Should I be ok or should I get the next best clubs that felt ok but have better bounce?
  Thanks for thie input. I was looking at the new Mizuno MP-T4's(since I play Mizuno's Like uniformity) I havent hit them yet just read about them need to go in once I figure out what lofts I want.    What is a good bounce and how can I tell what I should get? If I bought the 50, 54, and 58 the bounce's would be 06, 09, 10 respectivly. Thoughts?
My PW is currently 46* and then I have 2 cleveland wedges a 52* and 58*. I feel I have to big of a gap between the three clubs. I struggle with my distances under 120yds trying to get cute with 1/2 and 3/4 shots. I know I need to practice those more but anyways. I was thinking about replacing the 52 and 58 and going with a 50*, 54* and a 58* what are your thoughts on this? Any tips and suggestions here would be great.   Thanks in advance.
I thought Thailand was in Southeast Asia?    
So I took the swing pro out at lunch to try and groove my outside-Inside swing. I had some good swings but a few as you can see here were a little more outside then I wanted. I wanted to see what you guys thought I should work on besides that based on these numbers. I am not sure where the numbers should really be.   Thanks,
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