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Roughly 60 yards out.. 52* wedge in my hand..   Game plan: 75% swing, pinch the ball tight, land it slightly long with backspin.. (in practice i feel like i can do this 95/100 times)..   However, on the course the % is never that high!.. I either:  a) skull it 15 yards long  or   b) hit behind the ball causing a chunk   I think it's all in my head at this point!
My favorite Mark Crossfield sayings: "Let's get stuck in" "Alright, now let's give this one another wallop!!"
I was wondering if anyone has watching much of Mark Crossfield's youtube videos? And if you have, what do you think of his reviews/instructions?
"Does your husband play golf too?" After someone leave a putt short.
Malachi --- Word substitute for Mulligan.
I use it.. I find it beneficial on straighter putts. I don't have to worry about anything but speed.
I don't think i have ever shanked a lay up shot.. and if i thought i might then i would never lay up..  If someone has this issue they may want to practice a heck of a lot more!
Congrats on your first birdie! Practice, practice, practice, and you will get another one before you know it.
Long generic Tees, 1 dozen Titleist Pro V1x balls, new brush, Nike golf towel... Wanted a new putter... But nothing made me fall in love.
haha, my bad.. I was just assuming.. And assume makes an ass out of u and me..  :)   I think you got what was important out of my post though. I have ordered and IT  is legit.
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