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Ok I played the course today and here is my yelp review.   4 out of 5 Stars only because of the service that this course provides. They pick you up from the parking lot and drive you and your bag to the pro shop. You get free range balls and there are a bunch of practice balls on the chipping green. The staff is professional. All of this deserves 4 stars. However this course is not my cup of tea. It was a rather monotonous layout to me.  The...
Being an older player and not flexible I don't come anywhere near to a 90 degree turn with the shoulders.   How important is it to get a 90 degree turn?   I remember there was a senior tour player that had hardly a shoulder turn at all and he did quite well.   Any players with little shoulder turn but had power and how did they achieve it?
Anyone try any of these devices and gained any clubhead speed?
I shot a one over par at the Golf Club at Rancho California in Murrieta, CA my personal best for that course.   I had three bogeys and 2 birdies.   3 putted the second hole from 12 feet and had two chips to about 5-6 feet that missed.   So close to being under par but yet so far.   I think I have too much anxiety on short putts and need a shrink or more practice!
You confront doubt.   You confront nervousness.   You confront decision.   You confront finesse.   You confront power.   You confront anxiety.   You confront confidence.   You confront awareness.   You confront arrogance.   You confront joy.   Most of all you confront your being.
Unfortunately I couldn't get out there.      When I do I will update the thread.
Over rated or great?   Going to try it out today.
  Thank you.   I like the right knee going forward instead of at the ball that was one of my faults.
Of course every golfer wants to hit it longer but my driver is acceptably long for me but my irons do lack distance.     How does one compress the ball with a shallower angle of attack than a steeper one?
I am a picker of the ball but have been trying to be more consistent and take divots and am struggling to do so.   I am playing well for me anyway score wise but my irons in particular are many times thin.   My driver and fws are usually very good.   My path is usually inside out and shallow and I hit a draw.   I can hit a  fade if I want to also by exaggerating an outside in path.   What I have been working on is a slight lateral bump of the hips to...
New Posts  All Forums: