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Please excuse the salty language...I put these together for a friend.
My buddy, Jon, is a sports doctor and part of our team (www.thewindshot.com team) and he has us doing these stretches 2-4 times every day, and I swear they are the best. I'm 40 with a hideous back and these are simple and effective
EGM tournament, Arroyo Trabuco, 1st place.
My friend is a sports doctor and he gave me these stretches for my bad back. I do them everyday (except the icing part), but especially before golf. Some seem counterintuitive, but they work great. Especially the first one. Good luck!
Got to play this course last month for my birthday. A real classic.  I chose a 3 wood to spite my caddie. Hit it into the water. Then took out my driver and knocked one 15 feet from the hole. That's my caddie with the beanie on giving me the stink eye.
I make toys for a living. Invent, design, and create. The pay could be better, but the work is great. If you live in the U.S you've probably seen some of my stuff around (I also do "Happy Meal" toys). And if you work in a landfill, you've probably seen even more. 
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