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This a great post. Carry can differ so much in making different shots. Fading to drawing can be a great difference. I also found, after using the G15 for years, that I got more distance with callaway.
I've done the same thing, just because I like retro golf stuff. Got a set of ping zing berylliums and hit them better than most irons I've hit. I also like the old callaway big berthas. Great feel. I've found, at least for myself, that the irons don't really make much difference in my scoring, but that all have a different feel to them.
I'm going to keep two handicaps, one on a hickory only site. For the record I never play tournaments. Just with our group of six or seven guys. Does anyone else find tournaments annoying and incredibly time consuming? We all stopped playing them years ago.
Yeah. Didn't mean to. Always thought you were supposed to post everything. I think I'll have two handicaps, just post the hickory at a hickory site I found.
I always post everything, but I'm thinking I've been wrong. On good, summer days I play with an all hickory set, some of the clubs with bent shafts and rusty blades from 1900. My score is always higher so my handicap is higher than when I play with my modern set. Can somebody help me on this? Should I just not post those hickory days?
I use a callaway 11 and love it. Still carry long irons anyway. The 11 isn't, for me, much different than a 7 wood, just higher launch and softer landing. I can vary the carry anywhere from 140 to 170. So easy to hit, especially in the winter cold and wet. I would be skeptical of anyone berating the high lofted woods. I understand tradition and play with blades, but nothing beats these high numbered woods. Someday pros will carry them. Think how long it took them to...
I play in the northwest and sometimes have the same conditions. Our foursome was out this week, 45-50, with heavy, wet air. Our distances were greatly affected. With good summer roll I can sometimes tag a driver 270, but on this day 190 was good. Irons always way shorter. So much so I've gone to an eleven callaway wood for the winter. It makes up for all the bad temps and dampness. And if you're like us you can't swing freely with all the sweaters and sweatshirts. It's a...
I've been playing Wilson fg51's off and on for ten years. Always score better with them than game improvement clubs. I'm not a low handicapper, but I don't have many really bad mishits. Play with a group thatĀ  justĀ has a good time. Blades have a great feel, and some iron Byron studies have shown them to be more accurate on square hit than GI irons. Also have a set of heavy, netforged Raven blades that are almost as good. On a good day I'd take the blades anytime.
One of my playing partners has this trouble. His swing is very flat yet he slices the ball. His drives dive just like a forehand tennis shot. I don't ever try to give anyone advice so I've never said anything, but it's driving him crazy. I'm going to refer him here because there seems to be some good answers.
It's starting to get a little strange when Tiger doing "well" is just making the cut. Do I see a future where Tiger doing "well" is being able to walk to the first tee. It may be time for a reality check.
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