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I've been incredibly lucky. I've worked for years, full time as a painter, sculptor, and printmaker. I've had over 200 one man shows around the world. Because of my poster company(not mine but the company that represents me) I believe I have some work in every country. Sometimes do a painting about golf, which are fun to do. Most interesting show was at the American Consulate in Leipzig, in conjunction with Gallery Sud. Older guy now and more interested in playing golf...
I am mathematically baffled by all numbers. If I didn't have an accountant I'd be in a fed pen. But I started playing some heavy clubs,  irons, some kind of stiff, heavy three step shaft(Raven forged irons), loaned to me by a friend, and I'm hitting the ball way better. Almost always perfect contact.....no increase in distance just far better striking and accuracy. Knocked about five strokes of my handicap and looks like it's coming down more.
Need some help. I am now hitting the callaway razr fit extreme and don't quite understand the adjustments. My error is a hook with other drivers. I would like to set it up for a fade so when I plan a draw it doesn't become a raging hook. How would I adjust the face, and then the weights? Thanks.
I should probably post my real average distances: D  250 3W 220 11W 170 4i 180 5i 170 6i 160 7i 150 8i 140 9i 120 pw 110 sw 75                Have trouble with distance on my sand wedge
I believe you. I've just never seen it. I wish I could hit irons that far, but does it mean you have to carry a bunch of high lofted wedges for short shots? I think it would be tough trying to judge a sand or pitching wedge if you were powering irons that far. See why pros are loaded with wedges..........Kuchar carries a bunch and nothing above a five iron.
This is getting way complicated. And if you need google is it worth it? Being "long enough" is important. After that it only leads to trouble unless you're on the pro tour.
I think he's talking about carry as in air time. I'm up and down from 15, play with similar players. Some guys can really tag it. 250 total. But never 250 air time.  Nobody I have ever played with in 20 years has ever sent a 7i 170, and that includes club pros.
You are, of course, absolutely right. But I don't have the same mindset about golf. I just think of it as a game that's fun. I play with old friends, on old public courses, and have a great time trying out different shots, clubs, etc. Belonged to a private club once and never saw more unhappy golfers, all with the newest equipment money could buy. Nothing wrong with that, just not for me.
I'm getting more retro than might be rational. Inherited two old Wilson sets.....Sam Snead blue ridge, and Arnold Palmer Autograph. More rusty than a Tiger Woods chip shot. Actually the same exact irons with different names. Sold mostly in hardware stores, etc. Maybe from the fifties. The worst shafts EVER put in any golf clubs. They have to be hit exactly right or it's a bad feel. Thinking about reshafting the least rusty set with a good steel shaft but will talk to a...
I play with a large group, all of us ex jocks and some of us as tall as you. I know the problem. First, don't know where you play but if it's in the north your handicap isn't all that bad. We post all our scores and some days pros would be shooting in the 100's due to weather and mud and crusty rough. I sometimes think the whole handicap system should be looked at.  You might have your lofts weakened by a pro shop.......on your scoring clubs....and add some kind of wedge...
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