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I started playing with a set of old hickories, plus some new hickory woods form Louisville golf. Played for about a year. It is way more interesting for me then regular golf, although I still do that too. Most of my irons are pre 1930, rusted, some with slightly bent shafts. I score exactly the same. Hickory has great feel. A lot of run-up shots. But the woods go straighter, not as far. On a long course it's tough so I will sometimes include my Cleveland five wood. I...
When I play pro V1's people throw callaways at me,
I don't use one anymore either. Found them sort of useless. If your grips are OK they really don't do anything for you, anyway for me.
My handicap would be in the 30's if I couldn't hit the high spin knock down wedge into the green and have it stop. It's the only good shot I have, so I use the pro v1 and it does the best job. Everything else seems to dribble off somewhere. I am not a great golfer, but would be way worse without that ball.
I've read that Bobby Jones recorded a 360+ drive at a tournament with his hickory shafted driver. I think that making courses "obsolete" with technology serves no useful purpose. Of course modern equipment can hit it longer, but not that much longer. my guess its mostly the ball.
I still play with my persimmons, new and old. And my Wilson fg51 blades..........also play hickory. The old clubs have great feel. I never liked the big headed drivers. My misses took away any presumed length I got from ti drivers, The driver I use now is from Louisville Golf, the "smart " driver. I seem to get more distance with it than with my best ti hit. Still play pings, too.
I sometimes use a persimmon, and with the new balls get a much lower ball flight and thus tremendous roll. I hit the persimmon a few yards shorter, but am much more consistant and rarely mishit it. I think the weight of the head gives you a greater sense of what your doing. I never hit the sometimes insane, high fade with the wooden club like I do with titanium.
New Posts  All Forums: