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One of my playing partners has this trouble. His swing is very flat yet he slices the ball. His drives dive just like a forehand tennis shot. I don't ever try to give anyone advice so I've never said anything, but it's driving him crazy. I'm going to refer him here because there seems to be some good answers.
It's starting to get a little strange when Tiger doing "well" is just making the cut. Do I see a future where Tiger doing "well" is being able to walk to the first tee. It may be time for a reality check.
I play at sea level also and think you've hit the nail on the head. Big hitters at this altitude hit it about 220-230 on an average day. Summertime, dry and hot, they can hit it out there 290-310 sometimes, but that's just the luck of the conditions. Heavy air here. The low scorers here are the great putters on wet greens..
It would be interesting to know where players played......dry, high altitude, or Pacific Coast rain belt, etc. I think heavy or light air, heat or cold has a great deal to do with distances. I don't know the exact effect they have, but just from experience I'm thinking sometimes 20 yards with a driver, and if the fairways are wet maybe much more. Don't know of any research. Does anyone?
We are starting to live in a world where almost anything can be offensive to somebody somewhere. I don't think his comments were bright or good, but it wasn't the end of the world. No need  for the board to get their panties in a knot.
This is the flaw of bothering to use social media. Everybody involved looks like a pinhead, even those who complain about it. Everyone, at one time or another, talks like this, but NOT to millions of strangers........some of whom are PC insane, have axes to grind, or are basically trying to make something out of their blank lives by jumping on assassination bandwagons. Makes me yearn for saner times, instead of having to deal with a media, and websites living lives of...
I didn't see how old this thread was, but I noticed the tennis comparison and I agree, being a former tennis player. Heavy racquets hit the ball harder and it should be the same for golf clubs. Even more so. I have sensed, when hitting light drivers, the head stopping slightly at impact. In other words, losing speed. Heavier drivers don't give me that feel, just a power through the ball. Heavier irons, whether heavier in shaft or head will not give that slight slow down...
I don't know if this will be useful, but I play in the northwest and this time of year it's very heavy air and sometimes cold, and wet fairways with some mud. My driver I prefer to hit semi-low, a callaway razr fit extreme, so I turn to driving with my 3 wood and seven wood and actually outdrive my foursome because of air time with the higher lofts. Got a good bounce with my seven this week and drove it 240. Something to think about when considering distance.
I swore by prov1's, and posted it. Last week, playing with my hickories and hitting a Wilson duo I was flat no roll stopping it with my niblick(9iron) and it has no grooves at all. Saying ditch the expensive balls.
Just kidding. It's our normal foursome answer. Average good hit for driver is, with summer roll, 250, seven iron 160, pw 110. If I was serious about golf I would have to quit.
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