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I hit a 3 hybrid with a little draw and couldn't keep it on the short side of the green. I was a bit closer actually, but wasn't putting. I range everything I can, and have a skycaddie I use as backup. My distances are very close.
It was the 2nd shot on a par 5, that putt was for eagle....we didn't make it. I'm wondering how many greens you hit from 217 out?
Nope, Lazer rangefinder, flat, calm. Measured it back to the flag after the shot. It was legitt, I was I the same boat y'all are, didnt want to believe it...then he did it again. I dirst time i saw him drive a ball, I wanted to call BS. believe me or not, that's not going to stop him from doing it.
I know his 5i and my 3 hybrid were right together. We were playing in a scramble tourney a few months back, we had 217 to the hole and he dropped it on the back of the green, straight over the flag, and left us a 35 foot putt. Do the math, the guy can smash....he just can't putt. :)The only PGA tour average that means anything is score.
I'm not real sure what all his precise club distances are. But you couldn't hold his FJs with that little 4 iron. For someone of your stature, you sure are a weak one. Now go crazy with that knowing I could care less what you think. And my guess is...you're an idiot, and insecure.
I just said big, strong, and flexible...he came back with exact #s and all freakin state QB (like that means anything). Ego check....I'm just under 6 foot and average 273 yards off the tee, so I have no means to flex my pecks and argue with someone about club distances. I saw this guy hit that distance regularly. It's something you see and say "no one is going to believe this". But being able to hit it that far has caused him problems on the short end. That was the only...
So now it's impossible cause you can't do it? You seem to have a complex. Telling me about your physical attributes and high school accomplishments to argue your point of why someone else can't do something....you are that guy.I have no reason to lie about this. But I'll see if I can get some video this weekend.
I guess you have to go Army SF. :) I started playing a few years ago after I got home from a deployment. He was fresh from Q school and got his Special Forces tab. We both played baseball together in college. he picked golf up quick, posting a 17 hcap his first year of playing. (struggles with the short game)He is a big guy, and strong as hell. Abnormally flexible for his size, and his swing speed is amazing! I wouldn't believe it either if I didn't play with him. Yeah,...
It's all about controlling the body and muscle memory. The pros learn this through repetition. They can swing 95%, while keeping their head still and maintaining proper mechanics, so it only looks like a 70% swing....just faster!
Yeah, I agree. I play with a guy who hits his 60* 125 yards. That's a huge gap! He tried a 64* but those are just too hard to hit.
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