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I have mixed emotions about this, and never really thought too much about it before reading this. You make a very valid point. Luck is part of game. You have to weigh the outcome along with your intentions. Sometimes we hit our intended shots and they don't work out as well as we thought, so I'll take any lucky break I get. But it's hard to say that a shot like that wasn't a good shot.
The putting part doesn't actually seem odd though. I could see a right eye dominate person being able to line up putts better from the left side. As a right handed batter in baseball, It's always seemed odd that I see the ball better when I switch to the left side...the only handicap being my awful left handed swing! But putting is a much more simplistic motion. A solid putting stroke from the opposite side could actually be achieved with a little practice. Think I might...
My little brother is left handed. He accidentally left his putter at home before a round last year and had to use my RH putter. His lines and distance control was much better putting right handed. So, he went and got a RH putter and has been playing that way ever since.
38, 37, 75. Played a new course that was pretty wide open. Conditions were fair. I was smashing the driver and had tons of wedge shots. Missed a few birdie putts but nothing within 12 feet. Pretty good day though.
I went through the digging stage as well. For me, it was my backswing. If I picked my club head up too soon in my backswing, I would start my downswing super steep. I started working on the "low and slow" backswing. It helped flatten out my downswing.
Definitely a slice. I was doing the same thing. The ball is actually going straight off the club face, but with side spin. When the ball slows down, it starts turning right. Fortunately this is not the slice that is the hardest to fix. Your club is more than likely square at impact, which is good, but your club head is moving outside-in through impact. FIX- change your swing path to inside-out.
A buddy, during a scramble, hit driver off the deck from 210 yards out within 5 feet of the hole. Impressive part was we were on about a 40 degree uphill slope hitting to an elevated green over the hill we couldn't see. We thought he was joking when he pulled out a driver and called the giant fade a "signature" shot.
I hit a 3 hybrid with a little draw and couldn't keep it on the short side of the green. I was a bit closer actually, but wasn't putting. I range everything I can, and have a skycaddie I use as backup. My distances are very close.
It was the 2nd shot on a par 5, that putt was for eagle....we didn't make it. I'm wondering how many greens you hit from 217 out?
Nope, Lazer rangefinder, flat, calm. Measured it back to the flag after the shot. It was legitt, I was I the same boat y'all are, didnt want to believe it...then he did it again. I dirst time i saw him drive a ball, I wanted to call BS. believe me or not, that's not going to stop him from doing it.
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