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Last lesson I had the pro was telling me about how he went to a tournament down in San Diego and was watching Tiger warm up at the putting green and that he watched Tiger stand there and hit like 50 putts in a row from 3-5 feet with only his right arm
Can you go into a little detail on how you "worked on keeping a flat wrist" please?  Does that mean you did some drill that helped make it click for you?  
I feel bad for the duck... you went into a little more detail than I would have liked    Couple weeks ago I was playing at a local course on the 18th hole along a lake and I do not exaggerate when I say there were at least a few hundred of those Canadian geese all over the fairway.  Thought I was going to hit one but I didn't.
You should probably stop knocking the ball off the tee that often lol... I can see why they say that because it would be kinda funny.
 Bridgestone e6
 You're right.  Honestly until I joined this forum I never knew that much about all the golf rules and even how many clubs I could carry.  The only reason I haven't looked into hybrids is because i've spent my money on other stuff like a new driver and new irons.
I guess I would add a 3-hybrid.  Never really hit one before but they seem to be all the rage.
 Do you happen to know a drill for a specific swing issue i'm having?  When I hit my wedges and irons everything seems all good but the longer the club (very much more pronounced with the driver) I can't seem to keep my right shoulder down.  It's always coming way up almost level with my other shoulder.   For example, here is me vs. Tiger at impact.  This was me when I was focusing intently on keeping my shoulder low.  Notice how even with all my focus on that it's still...
Having never played the course before I would consider yellow but probably go with the red.  I feel like with a landing area that size I can hit a 7-iron up there pretty safely.  Like many said, if I wasn't feeling confident in my abilities that day, I would play yellow.
I got one of those indoor putting mats from Sports Authority (or you can buy on amazon for like $45) and I really think it helps with keeping putts on line.  It's also fun to play with.  I notice I have putt better since buying it.
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