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Interview on BBC. Tiger not happy with the organiser mucking around with the greens speed. I thought that was a fair comment.
Have I said it already? Hogan Apex, True blade. No offset. Shaft 1/2" shorter than ordinary clubs these days. Face angle 2 degrees weaker than most clubs. Justin Leonard was using it when playing his best golf. Shame that the company couldn't make it.
In order of priority I would put:   1) Play fast 2) Play by the rules 3) Play with rigid etiquette   The last thing you want is really for someone to spend 10mins looking for the ball and then walk back to the tee when it could not be found. Playing out of turn is also fine by me.
That's because DT Solo is a bloody good ball. I would have preferred DT Solo with my standard of play over ProV1. I also liked its predecessor, the DT Spin over the Tour Professional 90. Apart from less durability, I didn't notice much difference between DT Solo and ProV1 in both distance and spin.
I believe most if not all elite sports person work very hard and most are carrying some sort of injury one way or the other going into a competition. You are unlikely to find anyone 100% fit with no injury whatsoever.   My gripe with Tiger is that why does it have to be one person who would make the field feel like they are winning only because the No.1 man is injured? Why can't he carry on with a bit more dignity? It wasn't the first time he was injured. He has been...
Have you played golf with a guy that would wince every single time he hit a golf shot? Yes, it does bother me. I haven't played through serious injury because I knew the best thing to do is to rest and recover if I have one.   To put it in parallel example with tennis, this is the reason why players were so annoyed with Djokovic earlier in his career. He would look sick every time he is losing a point and feel like he is going to lose a match just to put his opponent off...
  Well said.   If he is fit, he should carry on. If he deemed himself unfit, he should perhaps walk away and not distract the other golfers that were playing alongside him and stop that wincing nonsense. Where was that spirit that won him the US Open beating Rocco Mediate? No one knew he was injured until it was all over and I'd rather see that spirit come through and win lots more admiration along the way.   Other than that, my thoughts on this year's US Open were: 1)...
Adam Scott has got the swagger.   Go Adam!
[quote name="Slice of Life" Loft can be set to as low as 5 degrees.[/quote] They have a name for it - putter
FLW is very important to have a good ball striking and prevents scooping or hitting it thin. TGM probably put most emphasis on FLW. Where Adam Scott used to have a little cupped wrist at set up, his LW are flatter these days. Most European Tour players like setting up with FLW. A bit mechanical and stiff to look at but it seems to be working for them.
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