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I'm an introvert, so by playing alone I'm able to really analyse and mull over my shots, technique etc whereas I''m not able to do that when in a group. I think its best to get a mix of the two if I'm honest, I would get bored very quickly if I constantly played alone.
As frustrating as the game can be at times, I find that any kind of negative reaction to a shot you've made just displays a lack of control in what you are doing. I try to disassociate negative reaction with having any kind of effect on my game, whereas positive visualisation and focus will improve it.
You'll find that your body naturally finds a consistent posture that works over time, that'll stop the fluctuation in your game. Remember to bear this in mind and keep focused, don't let the frustration of a good/bad day cycle wear you down!
There's nothing like discovering something you've missed for a long period of time! Soak up all the enjoyment while the honeymoon period lasts!
Gotta go with an obvious one, and choose Jack Niclaus.   Think probably because he is tied up with all my early memories of golf - even trying to play his video games at 4/5 years of age!
You should be fine - try to concentrate on your game and not the fact you have it in your system.. this will probably only serve to cause a reverse 'placebo'! Good luck.
That looks brilliant! Vaguely reminscent of 'chess-boxing', another new cross-sport phenomenon which is taking off..
It's a tough one. Tiger brought the sport to a whole new audience & generation, but as time has gone on the attention that went hand-in-hand with that has been increasingly negative. I think it depends on how you feel personally about the concept of a role-model in sport, and whether private life should be entirely seperate from the public eye.
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