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Makes perfect sense .. Thanks for the replies
Ok.. Watched this video 5 times .. And honestly this 5 sk system can apply to any and all golf methods .. If you follow a method correctly. , work at it .. And grind it out . Than you will hit all the guidelines and prerequisites in the video . I agree with it , not sure if it is the best video I ever watched ..but that is just my opinion . I'm close to hitting all of the requirements , but again I'm using different drills and a totally different system . So my...
I don't have the best swing,,but took bits and pieces and having fun now. Works great for these guys too..father son duo..mastering cmotion..and having fun...good for them
He looks great..just to with it. Don't worry about the look, just worry about ball flight. Makes life much easier,
Oops...missed this one..part 2. Another diamond in the rough,,a golden nugget
This is it..the basics of his program.. Easy to follow.. At times lee can be a little rough to follow. But this is a good one
I will post once you post your "real" swing,, That is the cool thing about golf...you can swing how you want to swing. Lee does it his way..and it works for him and his following. Your methods work for u, which is fine.,so be it. Will me or others change to swing like everyone else? Not me..and I really don't care too..nor do I want too. I haven't saw/ or know anyone that can remove the club from my hands and tell me to stop swinging that way. When that day...
http://www.tutelman.com/golf/swing/leecommotion1.php So stack and tilt..and I can add this to my motion and works.. Tutelman nailed it in this article Why don't you play this guy Phil? Than we can see who is right or wrong..
Something about weight left does work..comeaux in his videos showed me that. I tried and it worked and steadied my head...never knew in a million years that I would add elements of stack in tilt in my swing... But now my low point is so far forward...I love it..great crisp contact..no more stuck and hope I don't flip at the bottom. I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks.. Good stufff That weight left steadies the upper torso and head..still a lot of grooving to do,...
Here you go Phil..or whoever you are behind your screen name
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