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Today I became a member of the Laser club with a purchase of a Nikon X Hot rangefinder.  Picked it up at a Dick's Sporting Goods Grand Opening Sale.  Looking forward to seeing how it works on the course.  I expect nothing less than point and click true yardage to pin.    Tired of using the phone app that kills my battery, sometimes goes stupid in middle of round, looses satellite, or does not have a particular course in the data base.   All that should be just a memory...
Titleist NXT Tour.  I was shooting Bridgestone E6.  Found a NXT Tour and played it.  It seemed to play much better especially around the greens. 
I would suggest pay it forward. Cost of iron set $800.00. Divide by 12 = $66.66. Put that much in your savings account each month for the next year. Then go buy clubs. Make some interest. Then keep saving that amount so next year you can upgrade other clubs, bag,range finder, lessons, green fees or wherever.
I am in.  I started a buddy of mine last year and pledge another for this upcoming season. 
From my old caddy days stick to white. Easier to see in the air and ground. Yellow gets lost if dandelions are around
Thanks guys this is just the spirited discussion I was looking for.  So far I have only used Cell phone apps and I must they have revolutionized the way I get around a course.  I am very intrigued with lasers but have yet play with some one that uses one.  golf buddies are either old school or have GPS watch or belt unit.  This was the basis for my question.    The big problem with the cell app is it kills the battery.  Nothing sucks more having a great round using the...
Go to goldsmith, golf galaxy or dicks our pga store. They should have a left section. Look for Older models. They should go back a couple of versions. F they will tape them and let you swing. You have to know what you are looking for as they may have them in stiff when you need reggae our 8.5 when you need 10.5. That is what i did when i was in your situation.
I bought these last year. Best shoes ever. I also went wide. They size large. 12 wide is normal size. These however, 11 wide. I actually forgot i had them on my at goldsmith while i was browsing for shoes. They are holding up well. Definitely get a pair or two.
you are standing on a par 5 tee box with a fairway bunker in the distance you....point and click what?    you are standing uphill a dogleg par 4.  The flag is not visible you point and click what? or maybe you just smack it and play it from where ever and pull the laser out when you can see the flag.    you are standing on a par three the flag is in the front right guarded by sandtrap in front trees in back.  you point and click what?  or maybe you ask your buddy to...
I think you got the better deal at gsmith.  Being able to see them, touch them, feel them and get the back story is worth the extra coin.  It also sounds like you gained confidence by doing so that you can't get from ebay.  Good Luck with your new clubs.  Let us know your thoughts after you have played them a few rounds. 
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