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The problem is Mizuno has kinda forgotten us lefties.  Many of there clubs are Right hand only.  
Anyone out there using this?  Please share your thoughts.  I kinda liked at the local Golf smith Today.  Looking for your thoughts
Go to the Ping website. I think it is 42.
I would suggest the ping g30s. I was disappointed that mixing doesn't cater to us lefties. I am very pleased with my pings. Give them a try and get fitted.
I would like to see the Calaway chrome soft in your test. It is a $37.00 ball
SofAdam, uses a footjoy STASOF. This is the glove I currently use. Really like the bionic glove as it holds up well and my be washed. But it is not PGA approved. The footjoy STASOF is working well so far and has much better feel.
Yes, looking forward to watching the Green Bay Packers woop up on the Seahawks.  Pay back for the BS that occurred a couple of years ago.  
Do you like the brand the $ 65 fella is selling?  if so go for it and spend the $150 on your new clubs.  If however, you want to try various different makers and optimize to the "numbers" go to the top 100 fitter.  
I have the Sun Mountain Sync bag and love it. I do have to prepare to use it on a buggy or Golf cart by switching around my clubs to make use of the forward facing pockets.  It is designed to be used on the Sun Mountain push cart.  Your bag looks like it is best suited for a buggy.  Have you tried setting up with your clubs reversed on your push cart? 
Keep the hunting one for hunting and buy one that is made for golf. Also not legal for golf because they usually account for slope. Also what mag power and specs?   Mine is made by Nikon spies flag sticks without a problem and it does it quickly and easily.  It shoots for a continuous 8 seconds which is more than enough to tag flag, front of green, carry of water or sand and back wall of trees if wooded.  Mine is 6X mag and is accurate out to 500 yards.  I have never had a...
New Posts  All Forums: