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Keep the hunting one for hunting and buy one that is made for golf. Also not legal for golf because they usually account for slope. Also what mag power and specs?   Mine is made by Nikon spies flag sticks without a problem and it does it quickly and easily.  It shoots for a continuous 8 seconds which is more than enough to tag flag, front of green, carry of water or sand and back wall of trees if wooded.  Mine is 6X mag and is accurate out to 500 yards.  I have never had a...
I think it would help you. It should will also be help full on 230 or so par 3 and par 5s second shot.they a are generally easier to hit than a driver. Good luck with your search. I would suggest you look to Callaway or ping G30. Either way get fitted by your PGA pro.
Mason, at your price point you will need to look for sales.  I picked up mine at Dick's Sporting Goods Grand Opening.  They had a Nikon Callaway X Hot in the flyer for $199.  I was able to use other discounts that they had going on to get it for $150.  You might be able to find a slightly older model online in this price range.  My X Hot now qualifies as a slightly older model as it is now a couple seasons from current.  The current models like the Nikon Coolshot or...
That is why I mentioned the PING Cushion inserts.  They absorb the nasty vibration of say a fat hit but still feel the toe/heel/thin strikes.  Definitely less fatigue at the end of the round.  Something else for you to consider.  Good Luck Sir.
I just upgraded my set from vintage 1987 to ping G25. I love them. I did stick with steel shafts with the cushion inserts. Better feel imho. Good luck with your search. Go get fitted.
I would suggest you look at the Callaway x2 hot and the ping G 25 or new G30.
Not today but last week I shot even par on a par 27 pitch and putt. 1 bird, 1 bogie and 7 pars.  I was on fire and only needed to scramble twice. 
Ok so here is you have Ping G25 5 to UW fitted black dot plus 1/2 inch and yellow size grips, currently 15 handicap player.  The plan was to save your pennies and buy wedges next year. Saving pennies went better than expected so you can buy now.  Options you know about. 1. buy G25 SW and LW at the same specs you were fitted for.  2. buy G30 SW and LW at the specs you were fitted for as the club lengths are the same in those two clubs.  3. Get fitted for Tour Gorge wedges...
Can anyone book a fitting at The Factory or do you have be mvmac and get a special invitation?  Cool stuff by the way. 
I would say the titleist NXT Tour. I like the feel of this ball of the putter and around the green. It is also straight off the Tee.
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