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Not today but last week I shot even par on a par 27 pitch and putt. 1 bird, 1 bogie and 7 pars.  I was on fire and only needed to scramble twice. 
Ok so here is you have Ping G25 5 to UW fitted black dot plus 1/2 inch and yellow size grips, currently 15 handicap player.  The plan was to save your pennies and buy wedges next year. Saving pennies went better than expected so you can buy now.  Options you know about. 1. buy G25 SW and LW at the same specs you were fitted for.  2. buy G30 SW and LW at the specs you were fitted for as the club lengths are the same in those two clubs.  3. Get fitted for Tour Gorge wedges...
Can anyone book a fitting at The Factory or do you have be mvmac and get a special invitation?  Cool stuff by the way. 
I would say the titleist NXT Tour. I like the feel of this ball of the putter and around the green. It is also straight off the Tee.
MI keep mine in the valuables pocket in my golf bag. The system works this way. Start of round, place wallet car keys cell phone valuables pocket and remove pitch repair tool with ball marker into pants pocket. Then reverse at the conclusion of the round. I also sometimes wear a hat with built in marker as well. Since nothing else is stored in this pocket it is quick and easy to find. I have a sun mountian sync bag btw.
When i wear a hat with magnetic spot i use that one. Other wise i have a pitch repair tool that has one. For a back up emergency i carry a couple of dimes in the bag. This way i am never out of luck with no ball mark
Istarted gaming nxt tours this year and they do seem to make a difference. First their is feel.mostly in chips and pitches into the green. The nxt tours bounce and Check. Pinnacle gold will bounce and release or roll out. I haven't played the premium balls enough to see if can get back spin or what their feel is. 47 is just to much for me to spend. I spend 29 on the nxt tours @Wally world or target. Other balls that have the check up ability are the noodle long and...
I have G25 in 20 & 23.they will out to a 3 & 4 iron. I certainly recommend them. I would also suggest getting fitted. Also give the Calloway x2 hot a shot.
I have not played around enough with the Bushy to tell.  I have not used in a full on downpour but it worked well today in light rain, low clouds and little fog.
I have the Nikon and i love it. Picked it up at Dicks grand opening door special. Great device. It shoots for 8 seconds. I measure the pin, front rear, hazards. I was surprised how far off course markers are. Lower scores, fewer lost balls, pin high when i do my part.
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