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Can not speak to the mizunos as I am left handed. But I can tell you that g30s are a great club. You will also want to give call away and TM a good look. The ping I series is good too. You would do well to go swing them or get fitted.
Yes, I would suggest you replace them. I would suspect that you will get some distance and forgiveness. But as far as scoring goes it's the Indian and not the bow. Also go see a pro and get fitted.
They weigh the same. The1 inch is a blade while the #7 is a mallet. If the 1 inch is your visual preference by all means go for it. Try both lengths if you can. I tried both heads and lengths and went for the 38 inch #7. The counter balance does feel like a smoother pendulum swing. Can't yet say it sinks more putts but I like it so far.
I grip it as I would a standard length putter. The 3 extra inches gets close to my six pack abs. I am from Wisconsin after all and beer is good. Still getting used to it. Bigger change than I expected. Liking the standard weights. Really like the large grip. It does advertised.
Still getting used to it.  Not sure that the 38 inch version was the right choice.  I may switch it out for the 35 in version.  So far I have only made to practice green.  I like the feel and roll off the face.   I also really like the Super-stoke grip and the alignment aids.  Pace has been easy to control so far which means a miss or poor read means short putt left. I also seem to be making more but then again I was using a 2 inch target cup rather than a standard cup. If...
Thanks newtogolf for the article. It confirmed what I thought. For those who haven't checked it out. A counterbalanced putter may or may not sink more putts. It may be a good solution if you are switching from a anchored putter or want a smoother pendulum swing. Best try and or get fitted.
Pulled the trigger on 38 inch model.  Picked it up on line for $150.00 from a big box.  I couldn't refuse with a deal like that.  Now I will be waiting patiently until it arrives.  
I game 4 wedges.  45* PW, 50* UW, 54* SW, and a 58* LW.  The PW and UW are fitted ping G25 Black dot +1/2 inch with gold grip.  The SW and LW are Ping Glide Wedges standard sole.  These are also fitted Red dot +1/2 with gold grip.  They are sweet when I open them up to use the bounce from both grass or sand.  I am working on flighting them for 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full swing.  I haven't found a place to do it right yet so I am keeping notes on the course. 
I was having an issue with hitting 3 woods and hybrids as well. Then I found a Peter finch u tube on how to set up to hit them. It took a couple of range sessions to get it. I would check your set up before dumping anything.
I have still been chewing on this one.  If I understand correctly the 38 inch one is designed for those that used an anchored putter as the counter balance effect is greater.  The 35 inch is may be a better fit for those that are used to standard length putters.  If you understand all this counter balance stuff please explain. 
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