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Thanks for the references.  Do you normally chip with that paint brush motion?  My swing is probably more like the older style demonstrated at the beginning of the second video mvmac posted.
This summer I've been working on a lot of aspects of my game, but one thing that keeps tacking on strokes is my game right around the green.  So like less than 25 yards out from the pin, usually in the rough.  I can't count the number of strokes I blow by blading it or hitting too soft and leaving it in the tall grass, essentially wasting a stroke.  Even if I get it on the green I rarely get it close enough to have a good chance at putting it in.  It's a...
Been there many times.  It's almost as bad when you feel like you had an excellent day but the score says otherwise.   I think we tend to feel like we did better on days with good ballstriking rather than days when the ballstriking is weak and maybe our short game is more on point; so it feels like we did better/worse than we did.  Can't underestimate the putting game.
All I play is municipal courses (poor college kid) and I've never really had any major issues.  I mean you're always going to have people out there who are taking it less seriously than you are, or they don't understand certain etiquette like fixing ball marks or raking the sand.  It only really bothers me when it's clearly deliberate or people start getting intoxicated and stop giving a care about the course.
I'm almost a 50/50 split, depending on the week.  It depends on if my buddies are available for a round.  I usually pick up the sticks ~3 days a week.  Depending on the week that may be a mix of range practice/short game practice/playing a (usually 9-hole) round.   Recently I've been doing 2 rounds of 9 in a week and one day at the range or putting green.
For my driver, I usually take some practice swings at the first tee box and dial in what i'm going with for the day, then I line it up and hit it.  Usually I don't take many if any practice swings on the tee for the rest of the day unless the drives are really off.  I don't want to screw up a good thing.   My irons are a lot different, I take forever.  I usually walk up to the ball and practice my swings to get the speed right, then I step back to line up the shot,...
I hate when you have the backup, and the group(s) ahead of me are making me wait on shots while a group (or more) waits behind me.     I really don't care about playing slowly and hanging out on the golf course waiting to take my next shot, but I do hate being the guy slowing people down.  Makes it a lot less fun.
  Yessir!  Good to have that feeling to end the day, carry me to my next round 
I know this isn't technically what the post is asking, in light of the OP's pictures I just thought I'd share:       My closest to an eagle came last night, nice end to the round anyway.
  So accurate haha.   I'm a Sergio fan because I like watching him play and I like watching him struggle.  I like to see him on the leader board on Sundays because it makes it more interesting for me.  The stuff that happens off the course I tend to filter out.
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