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Update: It turns out the old shaft was too short/light for me (hence many topped balls). New shaft helped dramatically in achieving loft. Now just need to work on accuracy :)
Thanks for those links. I usually play in courses with about 1-3 inches of rough. Will have to take a look. Recently played Torrey Pines 10 days after the Farmers Insurance Open and was dealing with about 4 1/2 INCHES rough! Was the most frustrating experience in my golfing life trying to get it back into fairway much less anywhere near flagstick. That experience alone helped with curing some of my rough lie swing ineptitude.
My Adams Idea 3-hybrid A12OS is a great club when i can hit it. However, it seems to be the hardest to hit club in my bag (that and fairway woods). I primarily use it for second cut rough shots when more than 250 yards from the green, but upon striking it i hit it fat and topple it 50 yards or less. Its very discouraging and i often will sacrifice the added distance i could get with it from the rough by using my 4-iron for its dependable 180+ yards. I recently took it to...
I've heard it mentioned so many times, but am not quite sure what it means when a golf club gives it's user good feedback. Does this have something to do with the way a golf ball feels coming off a club, or does it have a deeper meaning?
I was actually wondering about this myself. I bought a set of Adams Golf Tight Lies (my first set ever) that came with covers, but wasn't sure if golf clubs normally purchases on line or at the store come with them. Since i just bought some hybrids online, I'd be correct to assume that i won't need to purchase covers?  
Thanks for the advice everyone. All very good tips. 
Thanks SCfanatic. I needed that boost of confidence.
I spend a fair share of my driving range practices hitting from the artificial mats at my local golf course. Usually this is because they rotate the two ranges for grass recovery, and the grass side of the range is usually in poor shape. I do pretty well on the artificial surface with my irons, but when i shift to grass on occasions i seem to topple the ball or make deep fat swings into the grass. Am i being spoiled by the smooth flawless surface of the mats to where i...
Please bear with me for a minute. I have been golfing consistently for only 8 months so my opinion probably shouldn't be considered over some of the more experienced golfers on here. Just bought my first set of spikes 2 weeks ago and spent about 99 dollars for the Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes. It was awkward going from tennis shoes to spikes. I noticed i topped the ball more frequently at first. I hit up the golf range a few times and it wasn't getting any better. But...
Hello all. Just trying this forum for the first time. I am from San Diego, CA., and have been golfing consistently for 8 months. I hope to establish a good friend base here, and look forward to many fruitful discussions with you all.
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