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Ive played Taylor Made, Nike, Cobra, but I like my Ping G25 the best.  Their stock shafts are much better than the other 3 companies.  Ive also talked to a bunch of people at the club I belong too and they like the Titelist 913 as well! Go somewhere and hit them all and decide which once based off your numbers and feel.
10 to 12 at a time in my bag. Tons at home ready for play and to shag around in the woods behind my house!
I ended up getting 2 dozen Nike One RZN for $35! Great balls.
These balls last me about 3 holes and need to switch out.  I don't swing really fast (average driver speed is 101). A couple of wedges later, the ball is mangled. If your swing speed is slower, this is the ball for you.
The nice thing about the weight is it felt better swinging and that i didn't go up and try to murder the ball.
My league partner has them and swears by them. I tried them out on a couple par 3s and was hitting 2 clubs further than i usually do with my nike machspeed x irons. They were noticeably heavier than mine but felt great.  I also struggle with hitting long irons and hit a great tee shot with a 3 iron on a short par 4. I will be looking into these irons soon for myself!
I played one today for the first time. Bought 2 dozen on eBay  (AAAA) for 16 bucks.  It felt great off the face and worked well around the green. I didn't hit my driver well all day and still shot 81. Had a nice chip in on the hardest hole on the course. I recommend them to anyone who doesn't want to pay the premium ball price!
This is a great putter. I ended up getting one like this on ebay and love the feel off the face. Feels like a Scotty with not even half the price tag!
It feels way softer than a pinnacle in my book. To me it feels more like a Pro V1 off the club than anything else.
My playing partner swears by these balls. He bought 100 of them off ebay in AAAA condition for 51 bucks. He let me play one and I was surprised! It was nice and long off the tee, felt nice on the approach shot and putted smooth on the green. If i needed golf balls it would definitely be something to look into in my book.
New Posts  All Forums: