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Adams CB3 on eBay are $400. Cobra AMP's for $330. Mizuno JPX-825's mint for $430. Plenty of option sin the right places.
Welcome to The Sandtrap!
I didn't like the Cobra. I'm a big Cobra fan, but didn't like the AMP.
I've found the same with the Velocity. I'm debating this or the HEX Chrome.
Anyone read the Annika article which addressed this in Golf Magazine?
I'll either finish, or go to the range. If I'm by myself that is. If I'm with others then I'll always finish.
Putting because that's what I'm worst at. If I was a good putter but a bad driver, then I'd say driving.
I'm not sure the exact price, but the Callaway HEX Hot Pro, and the Titleist Velocity are great balls.
A new set could probably help with the extra distance/ forgiveness.
New Posts  All Forums: