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Hi All   Been a while since I last posted on the forum. First of all happy holidays to everyone and happy New Year.   Last season was a strange one for me; normally I start the season playing well and then hit a bad patch and finish the year off with some average golf. Last season I started off badly, got worse. Finished second in one of the club competitions played badly again then in the pairs competitions I played really well but I think that was more down to...
Thanks for the replies guys.   Well that means I've signed for a wrong scorecard. Thanks for clearing the rule up about getting a wrong ruling from your playing partners as well.   Annoyed about it now though, the ball was in a divot and I thought I would get a drop because of standing in the GUR, ending up playing it thanks to a wrong "ruling" and put it on the green anyway.   Gutted best round I have ever played. Will know for next time
Thanks for the reply. There still some discussion about this as it is a local rule you have to take a drop from GUR. But out of curiosity would I be penalised for playing the shot on the ruling of my playing partners?
Hi All   Here's the situation.   The ball is outside of the GUR but my stance would be inside. I thought I would have to take a drop but wasn't 100% on the rule so asked my three playing partners what the rule would be. They said I had to play it from where it was, so i played the shot on their ruling.   Now it turns out I was right and that I should have taken the drop meaning its a penalty shot and I have signed for a wrong scorecard.   The question is...
This board has went down in my estimations if they allow mackems     Thanks for the welcome guys.
I found out about this golf board a couple of weeks ago and it seems to have everything a golfer would need. I’m not going to bore you with my golfing story but have been playing for about seven years now and last year was the first time I took golf seriously and managed to cut my handicap by 7 hopefully this year it will drop even further. Look forward to the future discussions.
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