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Thanks! Feels great to be back. I was thinking about trying the G20's or the AP1's. How are the Mizuno irons been the last couple years? I'm going to keep hacking away with my 845's but they are pretty beat up since I bought them used 13 years ago.
Has anyone tried GolfWOD? I am an avid crossfitter and was wondering if anyone tried this programming? Thanks.
I was an avid golfer about 10 years ago and now I just started playing a lot again. I am looking for advice on a good set of irons. I was a low handicap but now feel like I am starting over. What are some good sets out their for game improvement. I haven't kept track of golf equipment technology over the years and it seems over whelming. I am currently still playing Tommy Armour 845's and looking to upgrade. Also, should I see to get club fitted? I am unsure about this...
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