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How can I adjust the driver lie if the head isn't adjustable. I find if i get closer to the ball the drives go nice and straight but I lose distance. I think if I stand back a little I can get the distance, but then I slice the ball. When i'm right on the ball it's harder to get that full swing going. i notice guys standing so far away that the sole o fthe driver isn't on the ground and i know thats not correct. I know because they can't a driver doing that. I would think...
I just gave up the steel shaft driver a few years ago. Still using my steel shaft nike 3 wood. irons were updated 2 years ago. doesn't really make any difference, balls still go right when they want to.
does shaft puring make any difference on adjustable head drivers??
that looks like a serial number right near the hosel in the first photo. check with titleist.
I went over to a golf shop to look at my swing. When I was done the guy said why are you here? I was hitting the ball great, but on the course i lose distance. I had the 7 iron going 150-155. On the course i can only get 145 or less. I'm always chipping on. What's with that? Is the mat helping with distance. I know the mat helps ball flight, but i din't think it helped with distance. I'll have to do lessons right at the course from now on.
is there a special air adapter to use? what I have doesn't work at all on putters.mine doesn't seem to get any air under the grip.
air didn't work at all. these are on good. they are odyssey putters. i tried 3 of them. couldn't build any pressure at all
the grip is the big one. 3.0 i think. i'll try the mineral spirits and the coat hanger. I have a long grip remover, but it's too thick. the air doesn't seem to work with putters because it just escapes thru the putter head. you can't build up any pressure. i tried it. regular irons work good.
can you get a super stroke grip off without cutting it?? regular grips are easy, but jumbo grips are hard. i can't even get my grip remover under it to squirt some mineral spirits. i wanted to save it.
I figured out my wedge problem. At address I have my hands forward of the ball. during take away i move my hands even with the ball and start the take away. the take away should be one motion not two. I concentrated on keeping the hands forward during the take away and i was getting good distance. I hit 4 greens in a row for 2 birds and 2 pars.
New Posts  All Forums: