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I'm not sure how putter dynamics affect you stroke. I tend to miss putts to the right when i miss. is that a toe or heel issue? do you add more weight or is it my stroke? i use an odyssey white hot #1 design. maybe a putter lesson is in order. I found it strange most misses are to the right regardless of green contour. i would assume the putter face is staying open.
I saw a pro using a prov 1X+, whats with that ball? just a pro model or a prototype?
The ones i saw had nothing. The slots were empty.
what happens with those new irons when the slots fill up with dirt? they slots on the front and the bottom. they need to slow down on pumping out new designs.
How can I adjust the driver lie if the head isn't adjustable. I find if i get closer to the ball the drives go nice and straight but I lose distance. I think if I stand back a little I can get the distance, but then I slice the ball. When i'm right on the ball it's harder to get that full swing going. i notice guys standing so far away that the sole o fthe driver isn't on the ground and i know thats not correct. I know because they can't a driver doing that. I would think...
I just gave up the steel shaft driver a few years ago. Still using my steel shaft nike 3 wood. irons were updated 2 years ago. doesn't really make any difference, balls still go right when they want to.
does shaft puring make any difference on adjustable head drivers??
that looks like a serial number right near the hosel in the first photo. check with titleist.
I went over to a golf shop to look at my swing. When I was done the guy said why are you here? I was hitting the ball great, but on the course i lose distance. I had the 7 iron going 150-155. On the course i can only get 145 or less. I'm always chipping on. What's with that? Is the mat helping with distance. I know the mat helps ball flight, but i din't think it helped with distance. I'll have to do lessons right at the course from now on.
is there a special air adapter to use? what I have doesn't work at all on putters.mine doesn't seem to get any air under the grip.
New Posts  All Forums: