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is there a special air adapter to use? what I have doesn't work at all on putters.mine doesn't seem to get any air under the grip.
air didn't work at all. these are on good. they are odyssey putters. i tried 3 of them. couldn't build any pressure at all
the grip is the big one. 3.0 i think. i'll try the mineral spirits and the coat hanger. I have a long grip remover, but it's too thick. the air doesn't seem to work with putters because it just escapes thru the putter head. you can't build up any pressure. i tried it. regular irons work good.
can you get a super stroke grip off without cutting it?? regular grips are easy, but jumbo grips are hard. i can't even get my grip remover under it to squirt some mineral spirits. i wanted to save it.
I figured out my wedge problem. At address I have my hands forward of the ball. during take away i move my hands even with the ball and start the take away. the take away should be one motion not two. I concentrated on keeping the hands forward during the take away and i was getting good distance. I hit 4 greens in a row for 2 birds and 2 pars.
my iron shots are very high and i take no divot either.the only irons i tend to scoop are the PW or LW. they go high, but i get no distance.
looking for a good, easy to hit hybrid in the 200 yard range.
Its not strange. Its the score that counts, not what clubs you use to get there. I know a guy that carries all woods. There is maybe one wedge in his bag, thats it. He doesn't shoot great scores, but it works for him. Why play and get mad as hell if you can't hit certain clubs. Thats not fun. Some people might say you should learn how to hit the woods, not just discard them.
I'll check the lag. I normally don't chunk the wedges. It's sky high or bladed. It would be nice if ranges had grass. Hard to practice on the course.
i tend to scoop the ball, not trap it. i probably need to concentrate on trapping the ball. i almost never have a divot when i hit my irons.
New Posts  All Forums: