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Walkthecourse... Great point. I myself fall into a few of those categories. I use a 9 degree driver as well as swing a little too hard. I however know better than to purchase expensive drivers and balls when I just fear damaging the equipment and losing the balls. I still do not have a hybrid in my bag however I will be purchasing soon. My buddies who are scratch golfers all have a hybrid in their bag therefore I won't feel like too much of a wuss.
Thanks everyone. I took everyone's advice here and went for a refit. My clubs were indeed too long. I should be a standard length. Now I need to find a club that I like. Since its been so long I wouldn't mind spending a little bit of money. Thanks everyone for the help!
Thank you all for the responses.  I actually haven't been playing too consistently over the past 14 years.  My consistent game started about 2 years ago and I have had about 6 lessons and a swing analysis.  Just this year my wife bought me a year membership to the range.       I really do believe though that my clubs are too long.  I am one of those freaky people whose arms are disproportionate to my body.  I feel like I can touch my knees without bending over. The shafts...
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I'm looking forward to my journey in becoming a scratch golfer. :)
I am from Bay Village.
I know, I know... it's not the clubs, it's me.     But serious question.  I am 32 years old and have really learned to absolutely love golf over the past couple of years.  Only problem is that I'm not very good.  In fact I'm like in the upper 90's lower 100's not good. I have had lessons, play almost every weekend and have a year membership to a driving range.   My clubs were purchased when I was 18.  They are knock off Callaways extended 1.5".  I'm 6'2 about 215...
I sell surgical simulators that help train physicians how to complete many procedures.  They are like video games but for medical professionals.  Pretty crazy stuff!
The past few years I really started taking golf seriously.  Only problem is that I need some help with my game.  It's frustrating golfing with my friends every weekend and getting beat (by 20 strokes) consistently.     At night I try finding fixes to my game by Googling terms such as "how to fix my swing plane, drills to stop hooking the ball, stop swinging from outside in, etc" and the answers were always coming from TST.  So I decided it's time to pull the trigger...
New Posts  All Forums: