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+1 never had any damage to any shaft using it to remove tag glue or anything else from a shaft for that matter. I also use ti to turn and finish ferrules though.
I use acetone.
Howdy Rev!!
Well duh, I didn't remeber it bein' in my sig.
Not sure if I posted here or not, but anyway..... Name's Landon.
$90 shipped?
I've used them with no issues.
This is what I finished up 2014 with..... I used this guy for most of the year with the exception of my last 3 rounds. I'll be keeping both.
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
1st, did you clean the hosel out well? Was the epoxy mixed right and well? Did you give it plenty of time to cure? Please don't re-install without a ferrule....that fits. Looks pretty tacky. The shaft will not play the same since it was was broke and all you did was "grind" it off.
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