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Unfortunately that post is 2 yrs old.If I have issues, I contact Jeff Summit. He is more than willing to help make things right.
Check Walden. I work there and 2 guys I work with play in the Tuesday night league there. Decent league according to them. Pretty sure they won it last year. Both in their mid 60's mind you.
Won't surprise me if they're being bought by another company or going out of business. I, quite frankly, don't see how they've made it this long. Not because of lack of quality, but just plain obscurity.
I know exactly what they are. My thing is they are tiny compared to the XCG. Size does matter when it comes to forgiveness which is a key characteristic of an "SGI" club, imo.
Please explain.
And you know they are "lower handicap players" how? Ever heard of vanity bags?
Hey Rev, how about some decent pictures of these things? -LB
Love seeing Geek represented. I've played them all at one time or another and still have the 1st DotComThis driver that I bought from Mr. Almo in 2007 iirc. Longest I've owned any driver ever. I just got a special 1 off Geek head that I'll be shafting up real soon.
And you come to this conclusion how??
+1 never had any damage to any shaft using it to remove tag glue or anything else from a shaft for that matter. I also use ti to turn and finish ferrules though.
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