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You actually allowed ignorance and paranoia here cause you to doubt it's authenticity? Tsk tsk tsk. Looks like there was more than one errant miss to the toe by the other marks. I have seen that happen on occasion all be it not very often. That was a BAAAAAD miss.
I want to thank Erik for puttin' up with me the 1st couple years I was here. It took me a bit to "get it", but I think I do now, for the most part anyway. Just glad to be a small part of the place. Thanks!
I'll 2nd that. Right out of the box, none more.
I'm just south of you in Mason and I didn't want no part of the moisture....or should I say slop.
I have found the best thing to use is finger nail polish. It covers old paint if you don't feel like removing and cleans pretty easy with nail polish remover or acetone. I come to this conclusion by trial and error.
I've found good old fashioned lighter fluid works as good as anything. Tried it after I saw Arnie use it. Dries pretty quick too.
Ours are open snow or not. Just have to hit off the mats.
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