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1st, did you clean the hosel out well? Was the epoxy mixed right and well? Did you give it plenty of time to cure? Please don't re-install without a ferrule....that fits. Looks pretty tacky. The shaft will not play the same since it was was broke and all you did was "grind" it off.
On 'er way tomorrow.
I can always extend it and put the original grip back on it.
In case you might be interested..... http://thesandtrap.com/t/77975/fs-taylormade-spider-blade-32-slant-34
The bend in the pic is caused by the camera not by the swing. Just an FYI.
Bought as new (35"), cut to 34" and installed SuperStroke Ultra Slim 1.0. Also comes with original 130g grip. Used 1 round and indoors. Just not for me. SOLD
In EXCELLENT condition as shown in pics. Very nice combo. $100 shipped
What, no ferrule? FYI that club PLAYS @ 45", the shaft's not 45". Should be the same shaft as the driver iirc. I had both recently as in this past summer. Tip trim to flex then butt trim to playing length. Tinkering's fun. Have fun with it.
"Much ado about nothing"
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