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Just sent you a PM with info. Thanks!
Really? That's mighty generous! I'd certainly be interested if you still have it. I've got a couple shafts just itchin' to be swung!
What kind of shape is it in? I'd be interested in it. Or I've got a couple shafts I'd sell you for it for a good price. 1 steel True Temper XL Lite and 1 Aldila VS Proto 70s.
Residual bend.Go with FLO.
PS- the word is "SPINE" not "spline". Just sayin'.
Take a piece of rubber band. Wrap it long ways down one side, up the other around the tip and shove the head on. It's easy on, easy off and will hold the head in place when Flo-ing. Spine finder does not necessarily find spines, but NBP (Nuetral/Natural bend point). I usually align the NBP to target. The spine finder also will find residual bend if there's any. It's all about consistancy. I still haven't found any significance in performance no matter how the shafts are...
Has nothing to do with "custom". There is no such thing as a tapered tip .335 wood shaft. It's either .350 PARALLEL or .335 PARALLEL and unless I'm mistaken, HOF doesn't make one in .350.
WTF are you talking about??? What's hard to work with?No, I did not read through this.
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