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Pete....is that you?Any hard facts to back this up? I'm sure one company's just gonna stand by and let somebody paint over their name. A head cover is one thing, but what you're sayin' sounds like a total embellishment..What good is a fitting to a 25 capper with a non repeatable swing. Start with lessons, then go from there I say. I'm not against fitting for fine tuning something that is somewhat tuned in.
Sounds over priced, but then that's me. I would not hesitate to reshaft those myself even though I've never done a set of Cally bore through.
If I'm not badly mistaken there were 2 versions of those, one bore through and one not. No questioning one from the other, the non had no shaft to be seen on the sole. Heat one up and pull it to find out. That doesn't sound like great news to me, sounds like a RIP. JMHO.
Is PING willing to replace it?
I'd contact PING and see what they say anyway. If the NV65 worked, why not stick with what you know. Also a stiffer/heavier shaft will bring the trajectory down more than what you have listed.
Sorry for the late reply. You may want to read this from Jeff Summit of Hireko Golf. Also this from Golfworks. I myself have never reshafted any Callaway irons.http://blog.hirekogolf.com/2009/08/how-to-re-shaft-callaway-irons/http://www.golfworks.com/article.asp?ai=36Hope this helps.-Landon
They don't feel any different than any other irons when struck on the sweet spot.
How much for the S2's?
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