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These have been re-shafted with original Royal Precision Rifle 6.0 shafts that have been soft stepped 1 time to play approx 1/3 of a flex softer (3i shaft in 4i head, 4i shaft in 5i head etc.). They play 1/2" over "standard" length with a 38.5" 5i. The shafts have been put in a "spine finder" and installed with the NBP toward the target line. 4i has a black Golf Pride Durometer mid and the 5i-GW have Lamkin REL 3 Gen mid grips. 5i has a different ferrule. These only have...
You're full of it and don't know the 1st thing of which your speak. They've all ripped off PING and the cavity back design including Taylormade, Callaway!! Ever heard of Scotty Cameron? He's a fine example of a rip off artist. Until recently he never had much of anything "original". Obviously you know nothing about open mold designs. Just because something has some of the same colors and similar lettering has nothing to do with ripping off actual club designs. Fact.
I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver! Jordan Speith -8 Adam Scott -8 Rory McIlroy -8
Use Google Images to search "hireko juggernaut comparison". There will be 2 comparison pictures of my PING G25 and the Juggernaut. Look for yourself.
I'm all for whatever makes the game fun. If you're not playing USGA events or anything using USGA conforming and non conforming list, have at it. I own a Hireko Juggernaut and play it frequently. Is it longer? No. Can you tell a difference in size next to other 460cc heads? No. It does perform as well as anything out there and better, forgiveness wise and for the price compared to OEM's, more bang for your buck most definitely. I have mine paired with a Kuro Kage...
Fair question. Simple answer....RESALE.I try alot of equipment and RESALE plays a big part in being able to try alot of equipment. It's part of what keeps the game exciting for me. I very rarely EVER buy NEW equipment and I'm not of the financial class that affords me to not care about RESAL.E. My winters are spent unloading and re-loading for the next season.
How about the same size pic as the other and clear? Old eyes ya know.
That's fine if you plan on keeping them. Fortunately, I like to try different equipment and don't care for forged. Lets see the backs.
Regardless of what some of these goofs say, I use iron covers. Keeps them new and shiny except for the face and sole. No shame in my game.
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