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 Couldn't really say. Don't know anything about the PGA guy at Mistwood. I've heard mixed things about golftec. One thing for certain, if you want to get even remotely decent at this game, you need to beat balls until your hands bleed....no matter how much talent you have.
Change the practice/lesson ratio the opposite direction you were thinking. Go 10 practice sessions for every one lesson. 
It is true that the sequence of the iron swing and driver swing is the same, but everything else is different. Just except that they are different and practice them both. No one ever complains that a punch 4 iron under the limbs and a high soft 4 iron to a long par 3 are different. No complains that sidehill lie are swung differently or that fairway bunker shots are swung differently. A lob shot is swung differently than a low skid and stop. Practice them all.
Almost got to buy a new camera....:)  
Some diagonal angle 3woods, normal speed:  
 LOL, I assure you it's not the later. I just had to tell myself not to skull it. Getting it a little fat is ok. :) Its a nice angle to look at every now and then.
Down range angle this morning:  
Thanks guys!
Thanks Lihu, but that has to be linked to a URL, correct? It can't just be a jpg.
Trying to keep my left arm straighter form P8 to P9. Rest of this swing sucked.     Anyone know how to just paste the pic in here so it shows up without having to open the attachment?
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