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 .....and, hands outside the wall, tangent, 1920 physics, 45, must hit the 45, all a push, even if you hang back, keep everything quiet inside the wall, 4 points....and a mexican accent. ...and for goodness sake, you must finese to compress.
This one is two levels below gibberish:    
Lag/ hands forward impact? Yes, he has those. He traps the pee out of it.   Seen a lot of these guys--strong, great hand-eye, athletic and pretty darn good technique, especially in the sequencing. And contrary to what he thinks, his weight is not staying in the same place--he moves his center of pressure in the same way that every good ball striker does. These guys always say it shouldn't be "that complicated." Of course it's not complicated when you've won the genetic...
How ironic.
Are you asking me? I see a question mark there. You can wait if you like but I wouldn't let it push back any other plans you may have.
 Chris, the idea that nothing matters but impact is valid but not helpful to anyone.....especially since it appears in a thread started by you asking about the nuances of the follow through. Secondly, of course you rehinge early--your body stays closed on the downswing and physics has no other option. You've been told about your body pivot a staggering amount of times. Third, IF the online program you're talking about is the one you did with iteach, that is not a one...
If you are talking about clubheads where gear effect comes into play--such as woods and hybrids, and some SGI irons--impact high on the face reduces backspin and raises launch angle and low on the face increases backspin and reduces launch angle.
 Surely you jest... http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/834375-a-journey-to-making-golf-fun/ http://www.secretinthedirt.com/index.php/forum/20-general-swing-discussion-group-forum/10848-finding-your-optimal-swing?limit=25&start=5100
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