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Nope, this has all been in the past week, and it's been 60-70 every time I've gone out.
Teeing off on grass, and no, possibly skimming the ground but definitely no dirt flying. As far as the balls they look like pretty standard range/practice balls. And I felt terrible about the club even though it was his backup sitting in storage, I've already ordered an exact replacement from eBay before he can refuse.
Hi All,   So quick story to set this up; I just picked up golf this year as a way to both satisfy my itch for something competitive and to help bond with some of my coworkers. This winter I did my research and waited until I found a set of Adams Tight Lies on sale and pulled the trigger about two months ago.   The local club just opened about two weeks ago and I've made 3 trips so far for a total of 5 buckets of balls at the range. The first two buckets were as...
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