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I recently added a Gap wedge to my bag...don't know how I played without it...   105-115yds 48 degree PW (nike CCI iron set) 95-105yds 52 Nike VRPro Hex GW 10 bounce 56 Nike VRPro DS SW...love the dual sole but find it difficult to hit full   I almost exclusively use the gap wedge for chipping and pitching out to 115yds and use the SW as a specialty shot wedge (sand/lob)
I am using a Nike VR-Pro Ltd 8.5 degree cut down to 44.5"(just recently made adjustments to length) the decrease in length has helped quite a bit...only had 1 bad push in my last round compared to the 3-5 i was getting before
Thanks for the tips Stuffs, I will put some work in on this over the weekend...I think this will help keep me balanced throughout the swing...and you are correct on the me swinging too hard, this is something I have been trying to tone down, but seem to amp back up every time I'm on the course.
I know what causes these ball flights...i'm just wondering if anyone has any 'feel' drills...I have been working on the parallel to parallel drill to promote a proper release.  There are two bad habits that have been cropping up during rounds, that others have observed.  One is when I am transitioning to the downswing; I have a tendancy to lean out to the ball a bit causing me to hit off the heel a bit(i've seen this one on video, my hips actually move closer to the...
I would probably say both...but as i have heard from the 5sk guys before, if the face is shut enough you can still hit this shot with a slight in out swing. starting line is 85% clubface...which you could be swinging 'down the line' but your clubface is dead shut at impact (delofted, hence the lower trajectory).
I have recently been experiencing a pretty severe block/fade to the right with my longer clubs.  I started the game as a pull slicer, and have worked pretty hard over the winter and into the spring on getting my clubpath more 'down the line' than my natural outside to in.  I was able to correct the slice with lessons mostly dealing with positions and alignment and was hitting balls straight but with a slight pull.  I have recently started hitting my short/mid irons (up...
I agree...just have seen, too many times, players who think this is where you start reading yardages and wind and are debating what shot shape to hit, then they start their 'preshot' routine.  While everyone else on the course/hole is standing around watching/waiting.  But I do beleive all analysis of your shot to come is considered a preshot routine.  From the moment you get the yardage or start starring at the hazards you don't want to hit into...just my two cents.
I would identify 'Assuming you are playing ready golf and you have identified and are at your ball, you are now "clear" to proceed with your shot.' as the later part of a preshot routine...The part of 'This doesn't include anything after your club making contact with the ball (this would be post-shot), or anything regarding driving/walking to your ball.' is where I would consider your preshot routine to start.  The problem is most people don't start until they are already...
  I apologize to anyone who reads this post to the end and are right back where they started.  What feels comfortable to hit will be more consistent.  70% of all golfers hit a natural fade...and prob 99% of them hit a slice more often than they'd like.  I've always been one of those guys, because it is what the ball did when I put a good swing on it (a long and multiplanular swing). Aim down the left and let it come back to the middle...then it started going right...so I...
I have used them and like past responses I found them to be a little mooshie...If you spent 10 more bucks the Nike RznOne balls really out perform the vapours in every way, and are comparable to the Nxt Tour balls   
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