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I voted tree but woods is good too. Hey we all have to work on our short game from time to time. Just do the best with what ya got!
Personally I'm not a fan of any of it. Dip and chew always result in spit on greens or the floor of the carts. Smoking? Just not a fan. Drinking leads to inconsiderate *******s. Peace.
Not sure? You could always create one!
I have started a new group called Alabama Golfers. Intended for Golfers in Alabama to interact and discuss different courses and perhaps meet up and play together. It's an open group so feel free to join in. Thanks!
New to the forum. I see where people have their equipment listed at the bottom of their posts. How do you go about doing that? Thanks!
Half a nine and "whole" in one. Can't believe I just wasyed 5 minutes of my life on this one.
I like Nick he doesn't bother me. McCord now on the other hand I could do without.
Callaway RAZR Fit 10.5 Driver Callaway Fusion 3&5 woods Callaway RAZR X Tour Irons Taylormade wedges Odyssey Center Shaft 2 ball putter Srixon Balls
Miller isn't the topic anywhere at anytime. Maybe that's his problem. Lol
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