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Scotty heating up...back-to-back birdies. Got it to -13.
It's legal currently...
I'm on shot tracker too...looks like he missed the birdie putt just now.
  Scott -10...does anyone know if he just chipped in or was it a putt?
Scott going hard...-8 after another eagle
Scotty doing work early
Clif Bars or Peanut Butter Crackers
I like Feherty. Every now and then I need to take a break from him, but usually he's great.
Day 10. Feeling good.
Thanks man.  Thanks for taking the time to write that up. I appreciate that you can experience what this is like. The cravings are definitely not as bad as they were during the first week so I am hopeful that I am moving out of that stage. I already work out and try to eat pretty clean so I'm not too worried about gaining weight (although I'm aware it's pretty common when quitting). It sucks but it feels good to be kicking the habit. P.S. I'm doing the same thing with my...
New Posts  All Forums: