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Now go home and get your ******* shinebox!
Interested to see who Scott will get on the bag for next season as he's my favorite golfer. He enjoyed a lot of success with Stevie and I hope he can continue the momentum with whoever he gets to replace him.
I recently went through this trying to figure out what shafts I wanted in my irons. I was playing MP-59s w/ DG S300s but I knew I needed to go to a stiffer shaft. I did a fitting and tried a bunch of different shaft/head combos. Tried KBS Tour X, C-Taper X and S+, and Project X 6.5 and even though my numbers were still solid, none of those shafts felt right to me. I really liked the feel of Dynamic Gold so I ended up going with X100s in an MB head. I've picked up distance...
Pepperoni, cheese, eggs with peanut butter?!?!?!   You guys are animals!
Crunchy. I ain't trying to hear anything else.
That thing is horrifying!
Rory doing work.
  Haha I love it...these guys are getting real fiery about airplane seats. Jimmies have officially been rustled.
You guys are crazy! I see 20 caps hitting low spinners that stop dead at the hole all the time!  
Gotta have a glove but it's probably a mental thing for me at this point. I haven't even considered trying to play without one
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