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I keep it pretty basic: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. I'm not an expert in nutrition but sticking to those foods seems to work for me.
People ooh and ah about drives that fly out of bounds straight into houses?   
Chocolate chip all day.
Using the term "bandwidth" in place of capacity, ability, manpower, etc.   As in..."We as a department couldn't possibly take that on, we don't have the bandwidth!"
Definitely drink a ton of water. I bring a bottle and fill it at all of the coolers. I will mix a Nuun tablet in with my water if it is super hot outside and I'm sweating a lot.
3 hybrid and an 8i
Duf's doing it.
 Dat humble brag ...but in all honesty I see a somewhat similar gap. My 54 is 120 and my 60 is 100. Do you have the same shaft in the 58 as you do in the 54? If you're going super hard at the 58, the ball will launch really high with a lot of spin but distance may not be maximized (which isn't necessarily the most important thing with a wedge).
Refreshing change from how people usually handle things in today's society.   Stop snitching.
I'd go with a rangefinder.
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