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 Doesn't mean much of anything honestly. I just thought a golfer standing there gloves off, putter drawn, ready to brawl was a funny visual. You don't mess around on the course!
                       4 Slots                 3w    Driver    3i              9i 8i 7i           6i 5i 4i                        PW  54  Putter 60
Agree ...they probably perform well though so no offense to anyone that likes them. Bag what you like!
'Bout that life, huh?
I would go AP1. If you are dead-set on AP2s, then I would suggest a split set of maybe AP1 3-6 and AP2 7-PW or AP1 3-5 and AP2 6-PW.   Of course, a competent fitter will be the best guide.    Enjoy the new clubs!
Geez! ....really need a strong mental game to block out those type of things.
No doubt. That scenario is a very real concern for me. I didn't even want to mention it in my first post and I'm trying to remain positive.
...it never ends with Winston. The kid lacks any shred of common sense or maturity. It's a weird time to be an FSU fan. Thrilled with the on-field success (after 10+ years of sputtering) but I can't take any more of the off-field stuff that comes with Winston. Nervous that he might miss time and cost FSU games, but also strangely relieved that the Winston saga might be over. Mixed feelings for sure.
2.5 years a slave...
Yes! This is so true. Love that higher handicaps insist on playing Pro V1s because it means I never have to buy them.
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