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I try so hard to leave the mechanics on the range... however, It's still a metal battle!  The best way I've found to loose the mental game back is to get into a good tempo....   -CH
Did you know a round of golf takes 4 hours or 240 minutes (on average) to play.  ONLY 3 minutes are spent hitting the ball.  The other 237 minutes are spend thinking & rethinking , contemplating the swig!   How many Swing thoughts should I concentrate on? What are your top 3 Swing Thoughts? While researching ways to improve the game 'between my ears' I ended up creating the animated graphic explaining the anatomy of the golf swing.  Hope this helps and any...
Hi everyone. My name is Charlie. I'm an avid golfer, artist, and graphic designer. I've been "lurking" around here for months but thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself and start participating. Looking forward to asking some questions, learning from others, and maybe even sharing some of the graphic design work I do that's related to golf.   Cheers!   CH
New Posts  All Forums: