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Golf isn't just a game, Golf is a mind game. I would never quit a round unless I injured myself or needed medical attention.   We all play bad rounds, and we all have so many bad shots in a row which makes us start to question our ability.    You just need to get on with it, take deep breaths, take some practice swings and take your time on each shot.    You need to find your game again, it's 100% possible to get back to your normal self if you put your mind...
Thanks I look forward to reading tips and reading everyone's experiences. 
Thanks for the welcome :)
Hey everyone, I'm Aaron from the UK, I'm 26 years old and I played off 20 If I can remember. I had a two year break from the game due to being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. So only recently started back to the game, which I have missed so much. I'm looking forward to joining in here and learning new things. I'm a member over at Shawn Clements forum were I've been learning from him for 4 years prior to my break. I was shooting 140-150 in the beginning and after a...
New Posts  All Forums: