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 People have said that about a number of seasons.  I think there have been far worse seasons than this one. Remember the girl that played barefoot? 
  Highlight the text below to see (in case someone wants to watch the tape-delayed broadcast): Jones holed out on the playoff hole to win.
Ranking it high doesn't really make a lot of sense, since each episode is repeated a bunch of times throughout the week.  You might end up missing a show that airs only once to record a show that is repeated often at a wide variety of times.  
The embedded ball rule can only be used when the grass is cut to fairway length or shorter.  His path out of the bunker would have been over the rough, so I don't think the rule could be used.  
The money does do you good, however, if you remain on the show.  If you spend half your cash in one elimination challenge, then you will often be in a half  stroke hole the next time you go to an elimination challenge, since the person with the higher dollar total gets the half stroke.   It is a sucker bet plain and simple.  The only thing that a second half stroke does is buy you a tie when you are one stroke down.    
I don't think he has any anger management issues. He has something wrong mentally, perhaps schizophrenia, but I don't think it is anger management-related. * * Note: I'm not a trained mental health expert, and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
He had a two shot lead with two holes to play. It was a 330-yard hole. He could have just hit a six-iron to a comfortable wedge distance and taken all risk out of the hole. Instead, he tried to drive the green on a hole with water near the green? It might have been an unfortunate bounce, but it was a horrible decision. Gipper did the same type of thing in the episode where he was eliminated, so it appears to run in the family.
Distance obviously isn't everything, but Gipper's shoulder is clearly bothering him.
The contestants picked their spots in advance. They were then ordered closest to farthest.
Horrible decisions by Haymes and Bernie. If Haymes hits a driver, the only way it is ever the shot that counts is if he hits a horrible shot. Then they compounded that poor decision by having Bernie hit driver also. After he hit his shot where he did, the only way it wasn't being chosen was if she hit an even worse shot. She should have just pulled out a five iron or something. Glad to see Hugo and Camila advance. They've easily been the best couple the whole season.
New Posts  All Forums: