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Probably a mens light flex (senior) is what you want to look for I would recomend go get a club fitting. Get a full set for $250-$400
The key is high launch low spin. If you swing at 105 mph then you should carry the ball 260 yds. Check your ball position (off left in-step)and try getting more tilt in your shoulders right being lower left is higher
go get fit for a driver by a professionalĀ it will make the most improvement. Donate the 3wood and put the 3hybrid in next then the wedges. Most high handicap players should play a 4wood not a 3.
Couple of things makeĀ putter feel like no other first is the material used is a soft brass and most important is a fluted shaft. I think a great choice for a cross hander. Old technology the Ping Answer Milled is the best I have used.
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