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Maybe to her what she was dealing with was depression. She was the one dealing with it. I fail to see how what some armchair psychologists think is relevant.
Per-Ulrik Johansen
I went from hitting a power fade to a weak and worthless slice some years back.  Couldn't figure it out to save my life.  I went and bought a video camera and a tripod and took it to the range and actually got to see the root cause.  I had read a lot and watched a lot and have a pretty good knowledge of the golf swing for it and was able to fight the slice back.  It got to the point that I was hooking it off the planet.  That got pretty old pretty fast.  Now I mostly try...
Birlyshirly. If you are ever in Grand Rapids Michigan over in this side, I would like to buy you a pint my friend.
One of the best posts I read in this thread. Granted I don't see much of BC but when I do he is normally either praising woods or it was after one of his poor rounds that knocked him out of contention so not much praise to go on there.
I don't use the ten finger I would call it more of a 9.5 finger grip.  Originally I started twenty some years ago with the interlock and 12 years ago went away from it for awhile and when trying to go back to it I never felt like I could tell what the club face was doing.  After having reconstructive surgery on my right wrist and hand I have stuck with my 9.5 grip.  Basically the pinky of my right hand barely rests up on the side of my left index finger.  Very slight...
I keep a deck in my bag and I have been accused of missing greens on purpose. lol   However, I swear I do not miss them on purpose. It is a fun game.  The last time we played, my buddy, the one who accuses me of cheating actually won.  Even though I ended up with 12 cards his hand was better.  I think he had 8.  It was at a course we play a lot and can read the greens in our sleep. lol  
We play three put poker.  Everyone antes 1 dollar and everyone gets 1 card.  Every three putt is another dollar.  Every one putt is another card.  Two putts do nothing in the game.  Best hand at the end wins the pot.
I have a 52 and a 58 in the bag.  Unless I am out far enough to use the full 52, I use the 58 for every shot around the green.  I just started doing this this year and the scoring average did go down so I am sticking with it.
When I started playing I didnt have 14 clubs.  I had a driver and 3 wood with wood heads. 3,5,7,9,pw,sw, and a putter.  Now my bag is heavier with 14 in it . lol
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