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Birlyshirly. If you are ever in Grand Rapids Michigan over in this side, I would like to buy you a pint my friend.
One of the best posts I read in this thread. Granted I don't see much of BC but when I do he is normally either praising woods or it was after one of his poor rounds that knocked him out of contention so not much praise to go on there.
I don't use the ten finger I would call it more of a 9.5 finger grip.  Originally I started twenty some years ago with the interlock and 12 years ago went away from it for awhile and when trying to go back to it I never felt like I could tell what the club face was doing.  After having reconstructive surgery on my right wrist and hand I have stuck with my 9.5 grip.  Basically the pinky of my right hand barely rests up on the side of my left index finger.  Very slight...
I keep a deck in my bag and I have been accused of missing greens on purpose. lol   However, I swear I do not miss them on purpose. It is a fun game.  The last time we played, my buddy, the one who accuses me of cheating actually won.  Even though I ended up with 12 cards his hand was better.  I think he had 8.  It was at a course we play a lot and can read the greens in our sleep. lol  
We play three put poker.  Everyone antes 1 dollar and everyone gets 1 card.  Every three putt is another dollar.  Every one putt is another card.  Two putts do nothing in the game.  Best hand at the end wins the pot.
I have a 52 and a 58 in the bag.  Unless I am out far enough to use the full 52, I use the 58 for every shot around the green.  I just started doing this this year and the scoring average did go down so I am sticking with it.
When I started playing I didnt have 14 clubs.  I had a driver and 3 wood with wood heads. 3,5,7,9,pw,sw, and a putter.  Now my bag is heavier with 14 in it . lol
I dig the avatar man !
At the time he hit it, even though he was on the brigde he had a straight line to the flag.  Commentators said if he dropped it would have put trees in the way.
IIRC the Palmer deal had something to do with the ball plugging by the 12th green or something. But he knew of a local rule there so he played the second ball hence the 2 scores. the comittee went with the local rule and gave him the three instead of the five.  Ask Ken Venturi about it, he is still pissed to this day feeling the masters was robbed from him.
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