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Try the 11.5 just for fun, talk about bombing it... it goes about 20 yards longer than my best driver off the deck shot, and if the course I play has long par 5s I carry this club to attack the green in two! Fun club!!
I play 1 xcg5 and 2 xcg6.  I love all three, and rotate them depending on the course.  They really do what they say, hit it LONG!  And straight! in the XCG6 I have 15* and 18* and in the xcg5, the club I really love to carry the 11.5* what a club! 
I tend to disagree with that as an owner of 3 Vokey wedges... The grooves definitely do something. I can see how they may also double as a way to channel stuff away from the ball, but when you buy a new wedge Vokey/Cleveland etc. you can see proof that the grooves do something about every third shot with it, when you have to retire another scuffed up ball! 
I hit a wedge on my 2nd shot of a short par 4, landed 10 feet past the hole and it checked and backed up to within 1" of the hole! Only my 2nd round trying out the prov1 it's a fun ball :)
I would think that an astroturf green would be more fun to play on than a sand green, I may be wrong, but if they just made a really smooth turf green wouldn't it feel closer to the real thing? maybe too much bounce?  Not trying to cause a debate, just wondering.
This^^^  is the reason I stated that Poipu Bay was my favorite place to play!! great picture!
I think I just found my new favorite thread!!  I wish i had more pictures of some of the courses I have played... From now on I am going to take a few pics whenever i am at a beautiful course... Especially since I have an awesome camera on my phone! No excuses lol! I will try to search my computer for pictures from palouse ridge and various courses in palm springs.
My biggest goal right now is to start shooting in the 80s everytime.  I have shot the occasional 89, and once, on a quite tough cxourse shot an 81.. usually i shoot low 90s. I can hit the ball long, and I can putt, but chipping is killing me. Which leads me to my other goal, Become a WAY better chipper! I feel like the goals go hand in hand...
^Good posting! I worked to hit my long bombs, and taking that away would be torture!!  if they take that away they better go to 1 cover style balls so people who are good with wedges can't have an advantage anymore either!  That being said if they made the ball affect everyone the same so people hitting 300 now hit like 280, and people hitting 200 would end up hitting something like 193 (guessing)  then I am fine with the changes.  
. Uhh no! If you are going to makethe long hitters hit it shorter it better affect everyone otherwise that is a load of crap. That's like saying at some quarterbacks in the NFL throw it too far so if they throw it over a certain speed we aree going to put airbrakes in the ball.... just stupid! Don't penalize a group of people just because another group can't can't do it as well, maybe they could take lessons or work on something to hit it further... Just because grandpa...
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