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Never mind. Plans changed. I have a meeting with my probation officer. Lol. No really Icant go after all
Golf club of texas
Going next monday. Probably around 10 am you in?
I've been searching for a timeline for taylormade irons. I was hoping to find when each set of irons came out. No luck searching this forum or google. Can someone lead me in tge right direction? Thx in advance for any help
Shot a 10 on 18. Maybe too many budlights by that point
I shot a 110! From the white tees 6394 yds par 72. Its the first time I've keep a legitimate score without rehitting my mishits. Hit slices and hooks off the tee with no real pattern. Had a blast, drank some beer, and believe it or not played the best I ever have. I suck right now but I'm getting better. I had 1 30 min lesson 2 days ago and will continue to take lessons. I can't wait!!!
I'm a pretty new to golf so I'm not going attempt to break down you swing, but thx for sharing and congrats on your new low score.
Firefighter/emt. I love my job. I have free time to golf badly. Hopefully get a lot better too
My friend is brand new to golf and want to buy a set. Are the strata clubs be good? I saw an ad for a full set driver 3w 5w 3h4h 5-gw for $175. I have a set of taylormade burner bubble shafts. Should I upgrade too? I'm not very good yet and am rather inconsistent. I figured I would buy new clubs once I was a little better. Thanks in advance for any help
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