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I actually Game the Razr X Irons and 3 Hybrid. Honestly they are a really forgiving iron that produce great ball flight. Ive been playing for only 3 years and these have took 5-7 shots off my score due to accuracy. I've hit this years x Hot models and got more distance from my Razr"s.
70 plus the shipping
are you still looking for a bag? Have the razr stand bag in white. 14 dividers.
Just ordered this same bag in the limited edition chrome and red. Pretty pumped to try it out. Right now I'm using the callaway razr stand bag but the set up on the cart doesn't really work well for me.
X hot would be a an excellent choice. But I'mBias Callaway lol. I still really would suggest trying the 4 wood. I was very skiddish about it myself but it truly helped my score on par 5's and short par 4's
I agree with this 100^
If he is new to the sport I say they should be given extra time just because it is always nice to see new players to game. You don't want them to quit the sport because they feel rushed and aren't given the time to get better. I also feel that they should have the etiquette to let better players through and just pick up if it is taking an unreasonable amount of time and move to the next hole.
I started bagging a Razr X Black 4 wood. It's amazing how much more control I gained. It's also a lot easier to get good ball flight with out really losing distance compared to a 3 wood.
I've had a Scotty Cameron Futura for 3 years now and have had decent rounds with it before. The greens at my home course have been slow but they hired a new greens keeper this year and have improved them amazingly. It seems as if my alignment as well as speed have been horrid as of late. I ordered the versa #7 W/B/W hoping for some help. Was hoping I could get some comparisons and opinions on both putters. Thanks. Also I'm new to the site and I'm happy to be apart of the...
Shot of the week for me was on a 198 par 3. Down hill and across a pond. Hit  a 5 iron too far and landed 20 yards too far and about 10 yards right of the green. And to beat it all I was behind two trees. Grabbed my 58 degree wedge and found a gap in the trees. Hit I nice little lob hook and landed it an inch from the cup to save par. The guy I was playing against just shook his head.
New Posts  All Forums: