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Stick with it and you'll eventually break 100. I've been playing for 15 years and before this year had only broken 100 twice, both times were a 96. This year, I changed something with my swing and I'm hitting the ball a lot better and I've broken 100 in 12 straight rounds now. My best is a 94 and my worst is a 99, but I made a beautiful approach shot to save bogey after a penalty to break 100 that round.
I can't give any advice because I also hit the ball pretty low. Just wanted to make some observations. My brother is my usual playing partner and he hits pretty much everything super high while I hit low line drives for the most part.   If there is a crosswind, then our distances are pretty much the same, give or take about 5 yards, but mine will typically be more accurate since it's not influenced by the wind as much. If there's a tailwind, then he'll be quite a bit...
I'm new on the board and came across this topic. Of the choices listed, I'd have to say my driver. My drives don't go far (avg. drive only being 235-240 yards), but I hit most of my fairways and that obviously gives me an easier second shot. If I get in trouble with my drive, I'm not a good enough shot-maker to get out of it a lot of times.   This option wasn't listed, but I think the real most valuable part of my game is the mental game. I don't let a bad shot,...
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