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I'll check those out. Hit some of the Noodles around at golfsmith today. Those seem pretty forgiving too. 
Bumping an old thread. Any new opinions? I think I read that the D2 is a bit different now. 
I have a company phone, so I am 100% for sure going the no contract or pay as you go route when my wife's VZW contract is up in January. I think you can even move an iPhone to some of them now. 
For all my nerds out there....Space Chronicles : Neil DeGrasse Tyson. 
Winthrop University - Rock Hill, SC
Wife's ride - 2013 Subaru Outback 3.6R     Our glorified golf cart. Stays in the garage with the top down and doors off. 2002 Jeep Wrangler       Company car - 2010 Ford Fusion. 62k miles. Burning up the roads to get to 70k so I can trade in for our new fleet vehicles....Ford F150s, OH YEAH!!  
To get through 18holes without looking like a complete idiot to start.
Welcome from another noob. I live in Rock Hill, SC until 2009. Trying to get back. Ideally to the Greenville area. 
<----San Antonio guy here too. If we are both new, maybe we should get together at the range. I am up 281 near Canyon Springs golf course. 
34 years old, sales professional. Golf has become a necessity in my career, so I decided to finally take it up. Shot a 147 on my first round. Lets see if we can bring that down.    I am a long time runner, but am down right now due to Achilles Tendonitis and a small bone spur. I was starting to get into triathlons when I started having trouble.    Other interests are good craft beer and good wine. I like my cigars but only smoke a couple a month (if that). Also,...
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