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You wake up in a parallel universe tomorrow where you can only play with seven clubs. What seven would you pick? Any reason why you'd pick those Seven? Here is my break down in no real order: Putter-Can't Golf without it. Driver- I use it on all par 4's and 5's Sand Wedge- It can also be used for chipping and pitching. 3 wood- I have a high lofted 3 wood and for no real reason I'd pick that over my 5. 4, 7 & 9 Irons
I didn't want to name names but I did have the Srixon balls and they do have enough green in them to be harder to see.
So, I bought yellow high visibility golf balls. I don't know why I did other than to “Try something new.” All I can say is: don't bother in New England, especially in fall. Autumn leaves are close to that yellow color. Makes finding your ball that much harder and any one who has golfed when the leaves are falling knows it's not easy anyways. At one point I even thought an apple was my ball. It was yellowish also. So I think I have proved to myself that golf balls are white...
I've never done more than buck a hole.
I say "I just love the sound of it going in the cup." No one has ever insisted after I say that.
A friend of mine's grandfather had a bag like that. Don't know much about it but my guess would be that he bought it sometime in the 70's.
Thanks for the replies. I was in a bit of a  crisis when my boss walked up to me and dropped the tournament papers on my desk. After calming down some I bought some lightly used drivers and fairway woods at my local pro shop. They were very helpful finding me clubs that were not only somewhat inexpensive but fit me well. I went for Calloway and Taylormade and for now am sticking with my 15 year old Spalding Irons. I am hitting them  well and I think I will buy a good...
I am getting back into golf after an absence of just over a decade and am still using my Spalding Tour Impact clubs I bought when I was 17. Basic set of 3-PW Irons and a set of woods. I retired its 1 wood as soon as I had enough money for an oversized driver. Here I am golfing again and want to buy some used clubs that might be better than I have now. I don’t want to hand down a $500+ hundred for a new set of clubs just yet. My swing just isn’t consistent again yet. I...
I kind if figured when it came to the modern drivers, I put a dent in my driver first time out with it. Never thought about the finish on a wooden driver. Makes total sense now. Thanks
I have always wondered this. Most golfers do not put covers on their irons, myself included. Why do most golfers, myself included, keep a head cover on our drivers and woods. What about our woods and drivers make them require protection? I know they tend to be hollow and dentable, but 20 years ago they were solid wood and most people kept them covered. I have seen threads here discussing if you should have your irons covered but why should I have my woods and driver...
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