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I always say if the object of the game is to hit sand traps I would be the #1 money earner on tour. 
Yes, I clean my clubs and dry them thoroughly after each round.
Sorry, my mistake, but yes, get fitted for sure. Usually places will fit you for free, you can haggle with prices too.
I have one, it wears VERY well. I have used this one for about 10 rounds. I will say this though, I find that the RTX face pattern gives you absolutely no more spin than any other wedge does. I prefer my wilson wedges to it honestly and the weighting on this makes it much more prone to skulling IMO.
You can get the R1's for a good price. I am not much a believer in the bottom weight closing or opening the club, but the weights in the toe and heel work, and adjusting the loft is nice. Are you a lefty by any chance? I have a brand new R1 for a lefty that was given to me I would like to get rid of, namely because I am right handed.
I was out at the course a couple of weeks ago, I am 32, in decent enough shape, a 15 handicapper and my handicap is dropping steadily. I am not a power hitter by any stretch of the imagination. I drive about 230 although I do have those rare moments where I crush it 280+. My irons are not long either. I hit my 7 about 150 yards if I really whack it. My typical shot is a fade, sometimes I slice, sometimes I hook, but I am pretty reliable at hitting a fade. My equipment is a...
This is an incredible deal! I just bought one and used the systems without the turf or laptop go for about $400. 
A small update to this thread. The best cheap ball will be the gamer V2. The best high dollar ball as far as feel, distance, spin, the Taylormade Lethal.
I like Callaway's, second place in this whole ordeal would have to be the Wilson Staff FG Tour X and the Callaway Diablo HX Tour. 
Have you tried the gamer?
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