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Irons only wear out when the grooves are so worn they don't spin the ball like they used to. That's a pretty long time, especially with harder, cast clubs - they'll probably outlive you. Now, that's not the same thing as having a few $ in your pocket and WANTING some shiny new clubs! Maybe a change will reinvigorate your game? Get you to the range more?
Well, not a total waste if you get clubs that can be adjusted (bent) for lie, eg all forged irons, some cast depending on the metal used. It's only about $4/club to have them changed up to about 2degrees in either direction. And adjusting length is also easy enough. I'd wait though until you're consistent again with the 845s. Tommy Armour must have sold a ton of those - what ever happened to them? Were they absorbed by a mega-company?
I'm thinking the misses right are a result of the lie - the "pencil perpendicular to the center of the clubface" effect. Perhaps my misses left, (generally starting just right, and drawing/hooking too much) are a result of subconsciously compensating for the lie issue. Who knows. I got my 5iron bent just one degree upright, so I'll take that to the range and see if there's any impact. If there is, I saved myself a few $hundred, but don't get to club shop after all.
clubhead lie that is....   Quick background - 51 yrs old, played since I was 13, always could hit the ball pretty well, HC always within a 3-putt of 10, either side. Last few years been struggling to stay consistent, switching clubs - basically thrashing. Decided to get properly fit and advised on new irons, and I live in austin, TX, so there's a big Golfsmith nearby. Hit a bunch of irons over the last few days, on the monitor and outside, and to my suprise, most...
Golfsmith is selling TM Burner Plus iron sets, 4-PW+GW for $299, TM Burner 2.0 HP (eg shiny) 4-PW+GW for $349. I'd say you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal on on some pretty well liked easy-to-hit clubs than that. Price is right, Golfsmith is reliable, etc
New Posts  All Forums: