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Arcadia looks wonderful. Hilly. (Like Chambers Bay.) An associate in Spokane is always talking about Black Rock and I might get there this summer. You played Pronghorn in Bend?
@breakingeighty -- Yeh, and Astoria has been on my list since I played Gearhart Golf Links. I've played three rounds @ GGL - one of them was one of those "on" days when everything clicked and that always enhances the memory. But, notwithstanding my one ON day there (an 81, from the back tees in rain-sleet-snow, but no wind), it is a unique and appealing place. I am intrigued by what they did with the trees now and will report back. Hoping to go in late Feb for a week or...
Those are some crazy drives they're crushin.
77 @ my home mud pile: par 70 Meadowlands - an old school track. Lovely day with a band of exceptional brithers. Had my first sub-par nine-hole score of 34 on the back. I love BC!
Tips on finishing strong? You r comin into 16-17-18, with a tight lead; or need to score well to catch up; or you are sitting on one of your best scores ever and are feelin the HEAT. What are some physical-mental-emotional techniques to manage the distractions scurrying around in the ol brain cage? 
Frozen greens are hilarious to play! We usually play low shots into the green, landing them short and running them up. Low shots bounce truer. But if you ever hit onto the green - BOING! - you are way past. Prodigious drives can occur, just as prodigious side-ways bounces can put you in a neighboring pasture. We use rubber tees (like the ones driving ranges have) cuz u can't stick a peg into the frozen turf. It's a whole different game, and yet, it's still golf.    We...
Hands can be a problem, but we just wear gloves and reduce expectations a wee bit. Complaints are met with the predictable coarse and vulgar name-calling, bullying and feline accusations (quit bein a *****) that we all enjoy so much.   The courses that stay open here have some of the best greens in the area, so the argument about not letting players on frozen greens cuz it wrecks the greens does not appear to be true. Frost is another story. Our club has us play some...
Play frequently here in the green Fraser Valley on frozen course at 20*. That is fun, as long as the wind don't blow!
79, in 9* Celsius (balmy 49*F) Dec 15 on a mucky course (not frozen, no snow). Not many east of us playing golf, unless they are quite a bit south of the 49th parallel, so we enjoyed our special status, here on the glorious west coast. Ya gotta strike ball first or it is fat-city. Putts are struck firmly (!) and balls check up without too much persuasion. It was sooper.
 Fair nuff. But Lee Trevino might allow that he, in part, enabled Tiger to be as good as he was, after Lee and others (in all walks of life; including buses, school steps, and olympic podiums) went first and got people used to the idea. The whole racial topic will all be as strangely archaic as insisting that golfers wear only collared shirts (a rule Tiger and Nike eventually bent) - once 40 more years go by and the US is largely Hispanic and Canada predominantly...
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